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Hollywood’s beauty secret? 'Fotoshop by Adobé'... spoof 'commercial' goes viral

The use of the airbrush is the worst-kept secret in the fashion and beauty industry.So to highlight the issue, one filmmaker has shot a mock commercial advertising a 'breakthrough formula to look the way you've always dreamed': Fotoshop by Adobé. The spoof viral has received 564,000 hits since airing on Monday.

VIDEO: Dog Swims Half-Mile To Kayaker After Owner Is Killed In DUI Crash

A man fishing from his kayak a half-mile from Point of Rocks off Sarasota was shocked when a dog that was involved in a deadly DUI crash swam up to his boat terrified.

Largest gathering of dancing dragons: Hong Kong sets world record

During a street parade on New Year's Day 2,000 performers took part in the event, including 88 dragons -- as well as 50 lions -- setting the new world record for the Largest gathering of dancing dragons, according to World Records Academy (www.worldrecordsacademy.org).

HK ushers in 2012 with spectacular pyrotechnic show

On New Year’s Eve (31 December), multi-colored “shooting stars” glided across the sky above Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, while a “golden dragon” spiralled up the iconic building Two ifc. These auspicious motifs created by pyrotechnics were part of the 5th Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), with The Hong Kong Jockey Club as the supporting sponsor.

Aston Martin Cygnet in Hong Kong

TheAutoChannel.com 12/16/2011
Aston Martin Cygnet in Hong Kong

A brief video feature from Aston Martin. TheAutoChannel.com has complete details on the Cygnet.

Timelapse of a taxi driver on night shift in Hong Kong

With more than 18,000 taxis plying their trade to a population of over seven million, the night shift is a busy one for a Hong Kong taxi driver. The daily five-hour stint behind the wheel takes Alan Leung from skyscrapers to street-corners as he traverses the tightly-packed territory in his bright red taxi. Timelapse of a night on the streets of Hong Kong.

Amazing Video: 'Jet Man' soars alongside fighter jets over Alps

Amazing pictures from Switzerland show where "jetman" Yves Rossy gave this incredible flying display, using a tailor-made jet pack. The aviation enthusiast leapt from a helicopter and performed a series of aerial acrobatics above the Alps. He then joined two jet planes in a synchronized flight. To synchronise their flight paths the jets reduced their speed to 220 kilometres per hour (137 miles per hour), which put their engines at a point close to stalling. Rossy's previous aerial feats include flying the English Channel and looping the loop around a hot-air balloon.

McDonald's Cashier Seen Beating Female Patrons With Metal Rod In Harrowing Video

In a scary confrontation filmed by a diner, a cashier at a McDonald’s in Manhattan can be seen beating two female customers with a metal rod after the duo jumped the counter during a dispute early yesterday morning.

Two-headed Cat 'Frankenlouie' Turns 12 In Worcester, Mass.

A two-headed cat in Worcester, Mass., has twice the reasons for celebrating his recent birthday: It got him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The double-domed feline is named "Frankenlouie," and according to its owner, who only wants to be known as Marty, he turned 12 on Sept. 8, according to the Worcester Telegram.

Shark Drags Kayaker For Half A Mile Off Coast Of Devon, England

Every once in a while a dull, monotonous activity like fishing can suddenly become a heart-pounding adventure. Take Rupert Kirkwood, a 51-year-old veterinarian from Devon, England. He was lolling in his kayak for hours before he hooked a shark that dragged him for half a mile, the BBC reported.

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