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U.S. to evacuate Americans out of Japan

The United States has authorized the first evacuations of Americans out of Japan, taking a tougher stand on the deepening nuclear crisis and warning U.S. citizens to defer all non-essential travel to any part of the country as unpredictable weather and wind conditions risked spreading radioactive contamination.

Sitting silent in their classroom, the 30 children whose parents have not come to collect them after tsunami swept away their town

Even amid the carnage and despair of Japan's tsunami victims, the plight of the 30 children at Kama Elementary School is heartbreaking. They sit quietly in the corner of a third-floor classroom where they have waited each day since the tsunami swept into the town of Ishinomaki for their parents to collect them. So far, no one has come and few at the school now believe they will.

'We have been betrayed': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been 'abandoned'

The voice on the phone was calm and dignified, as befitted a proud Japanese mayor, yet this somehow made his fury more forceful. Hours after the tsunami struck, Katsunobu Sakurai told me, he had sought advice from the government on whether to evacuate the 71,000 people in his city, which is just 12 miles downwind of the Fukushima nuclear plant. At first ministerial officials simply ignored his calls. When he did manage to speak to them, they assured him there was no cause for concern; a message he accepted and dutifully relayed. He had toed the line because that is what Japan's civic leaders invariably do. But yesterday, far too late, the mayor of Minamisoma finally realised that he had been deceived, at best, and perhaps even lied to.

U.S. Officials Fear Fukushima Could Become 'Deadly For Decades'

U.S. officials are alarmed at how the Japanese are handling the escalating nuclear reactor crisis and fear that if they do not get control of the plants within the next 24 to 48 hours they could have a situation that will be "deadly for decades."

Japan nuclear plant: Just 48 hours to avoid 'another Chernobyl'

Gordon Rayner and Martin Evans Telegraph 03/17/2011
Japan nuclear plant: Just 48 hours to avoid 'another Chernobyl'

Japan has 48 hours to bring its rapidly escalating nuclear crisis under control before it faces a catastrophe “worse than Chernobyl”, it was claimed last night.

U.S. urges citizens within 80 km of Japan plant leave

The United States on Wednesday recommended its citizens living within 80 km (50 miles) of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan evacuate the area or take shelter indoors.

Workers briefly abandon Japan nuclear plant as crisis worsens

Shinichi Saoshiro and Chisa Fujioka Reuters 03/16/2011
JAPAN: Thousands missing, millions short of water – and fear everywhere

The frantic attempts to prevent catastrophe at the Fukushima plant's reactors come amid the search for bodies and missing loved ones in what is emerging as a vast natural disaster. Thousands of corpses have been washing up along the Pacific coast, which was devastated by Friday's huge tsunami. More than 2,000 bodies were recovered from Miyagi Prefecture alone, instantly doubling yesterday's confirmed toll of 1,647 deaths and confirming fears that the final tally could be in the tens of thousands.

Workers briefly abandon Japan nuclear plant as crisis worsens

Workers were ordered to withdraw briefly from a stricken Japanese nuclear power plant on Wednesday after radiation levels surged, Kyodo news reported, a development that suggested the crisis was spiraling out of control.

U.S. Navy Detects Radiation 200 Miles From Japan Nuclear Plant

The U.S. Navy said Tuesday that very low levels of airborne radiation were detected at Yokosuka and Atsugi bases, about 200 miles to the north of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Wind to blow towards Pacific from quake-hit Japan plant

The wind near a quake-damaged nuclear complex in northeast Japan, which has released radiation into the atmosphere, will blow from the northwest and out into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday, a weather official said.

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