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Chinese New Year

Over 3.68 mln Passengers Pass through HK during Chinese Lunar New Year

The Immigration Department of Hong Kong said Monday that more than 3.68 million people had passed through Hong Kong during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.

'Year of the Rabbit' could be year of the love rat

The Chinese calendar may be set to welcome in the 'Year of the Rabbit' but the new year could be auspicious for love cheats, astrologers predict, and those who want a younger partner.

HK Chief Executive Wishes Citizens Happy Chinese New Year

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang Wednesday delivered the Chinese New Year message to members of the public, wishing them good health and happiness.

China celebrates Year of the Rabbit

According to Chinese astrology, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which some predictions say will bring prosperity, while others argue it means volatility in the markets.

6.43 Mln Travelers to Pass Through HK during Spring Festival

An estimated 6.43 million passengers will pass through Hong Kong's land, sea and air control points during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday period, the Immigration Department of Hong Kong said Thursday.

Bunny faces and Canto-pop ensure we won't be bored during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

While those who can afford the time and money abandon Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year holiday, the rest of us can revel in the peace and quiet -- or join the crowds at these major events.

Hong Kong Readies the Magic for Chinese New Year Feb 3-17 With Spectacular Festivities, Annual Parade and Incredible Travel Packages

Hong Kong is easily one of the most exciting cities on the planet any day of the year – but during Chinese New Year, Asia's "world city" pours heart and soul into turning the page on the year just passed. As the most significant event on the Chinese calendar and Hong Kong's grandest festival, the picturesque city on Victoria Harbour will welcome 2011, the "Year of the Rabbit," with spectacular activities and festive displays of joyful enthusiasm to quicken the pulse of visitors and locals alike.

Chinese New Year Parade on 26th January

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is to organise a night parade for the Chinese New Year.