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Hong Kong Resumes Live Poultry Imports

JEFFREY NG The Wall Street Journal 01/14/2012
Hong Kong Resumes Live Poultry Imports

Hong Kong authorities approved the resumption of imports and sales of live poultry Thursday, following a three-week ban imposed after a dead chicken tested positive for a lethal strain of bird flu.

Govt boosts offer for licence buyouts

The government has again raised its compensation offer to poultry wholesalers for giving up their trade in a bid to ensure Hong Kong is free of bird flu.

Chicken farmers urged to be pragmatic

Secretary for Food & Health Dr York Chow says there is limited room for further adjustment in the ex-gratia payments to chicken farms. He hopes farmers will be pragmatic and realistic in their requests to the Government.

Government ultimatum to chicken farmers: Take our $1b or leave it!

The poultry industry has been given an official ultimatum accept a HK$1 billion government compensation package to shut down their businesses or face an uncertain future.

Chicken ban to be lifted

Carol Chung The Standard 06/24/2008
Unsold live chickens to be culled daily

Unsold live chickens will banned from overnight stays at retail markets when chicken sales resume on July 2, while the Government will give more time for retailers, farmers, wholesalers and transport operators to consider a proposed compensation package to buy out their licences, Secretary for Food & Health Dr York Chow says.

Chicken ban to be lifted

Live chicken will be for sale again on July 2 if vendors agree not to keep the poultry alive overnight.

Live chicken sales resuming next week

The sale of live chickens is set to resume in the middle of next week, after some retailers agreed to clean out their stalls daily to minimise the risk of bird flu.

Chicken traders threaten to seek judicial review

Chicken traders have warned the government they may seek a judicial review if it doesn't let them resume live chicken sales.

Poultry workers demanding compensation of... $3b

Carol Chung The Standard 06/20/2008

Chow under fire for `stupid' plan

Carol Chung The Standard 06/19/2008
Poultry workers demanding compensation of... $3b

The government is poised to stage a multibillion-dollar buyout of Hong Kong's poultry industry in an historic move that may spell the end of the territory's live chicken trade.

Chow under fire for `stupid' plan

Health chief York Chow Yat-ngok yesterday told legislators a ban on keeping live chickens in wet markets overnight may be the only way to avoid another bird flu outbreak.

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