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Warm welcome at Cannes for Gibson's "The Beaver"

Jodie Foster's wry look at depression and therapy in "The Beaver" got a warm reception at the Cannes film festival Tuesday, hinting at a possible second life in Europe after it flopped with U.S. audiences.

Cannes 2011 Review: Michel Hazanavicius' B&W Silent Film 'The Artist'

In today's modern world, we're used to seeing films in color, with sound, with music, with dialogue, and sometimes even in 3D. Every once in a while a filmmaker goes black-and-white to tell a story. But before yesterday, never have I seen a modern filmmaker attempt to create a completely new B&W silent film. Not only did French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius do exactly that, but he has crafted a wonderful homage that's just wonderful and exudes an effusive love for cinema. It's called The Artist and stars French actors Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo and is set in the late 20s in Hollywood at the end of the silent film era.

Brad Pitt left to face the music after director of his new film snubs Cannes press conference

Brad Pitt's art house movie The Tree of Life was greeted to a harsh chorus of boos, hisses and reluctant applause when it was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes: Diana film slams UK royals as 'gangsters'

According to a provocative new documentary at the Cannes Film Festival, Britain's royals are racist "gangsters in tiaras" and Prince Philip is a womanizing psychopath.

Arnold Schwarzenegger picks drama for comeback

Gregg Kilday Yahoo! News Canada 05/07/2011
Arnold Schwarzenegger picks drama for comeback

Arnold Schwarzenegger has zeroed in on the film that will mark his return to the big screen: "Cry Macho," a drama about a down-on-his-luck horse trainer who is hired to kidnap a 9-year-old boy.

Dancer-turned-actor Aaron Kwok in spotlight in 2 films, 'Love for Life' and 'The Detective 2'

May is the month of Aaron Kwok in Chinese movies. The dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor stars in two of the month's major releases — Gu Changwei's romance "Love for Life," and Oxide Pang's crime thriller "The Detective 2" — and has earned rave reviews from both directors.

Fox Plans 3D 'Glee' Film With Original Cast

20th Century Fox TV and film divisions have partnered to produce GLEE LIVE! 3D!, a feature film based on the upcoming Glee Live! In Concert! North American tour.

'Terminator' Back With Arnold To Star: Schwarzenegger In Package Shopping Now; 'Fast Five's Justin Lin To Direct

He's baaack! Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to star in a rights package that CAA is shopping today that will revive The Terminator, one of Hollywood's most iconic scifi franchises. The agency is dropping the package on studios this afternoon.

Film Festival Blends French and Hong Kong 'Noir'

JOYCE HOR-CHUNG LAU The New York Times 04/22/2011
Classic Hong Kong ghost film remade 24 years later with new cast, computer effects

When "A Chinese Ghost Story" hit movie screens in 1987, it wowed audiences with its novel plot of man falls for female demon in an ancient Chinese setting. The unlikely couple played by late Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung and Taiwanese actress Joey Wang quickly became a classic romance and two sequels followed, as well as an animated movie.

Film Festival Blends French and Hong Kong 'Noir'

France and Hong Kong are both known for art-house films stuffed with sex, crime, violence and dark humor. These two cinema traditions come together in June for Noir, a retrospective of 27 films that is part of Le French May, a major annual cultural festival held in Hong Kong that runs this year through June 23.

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