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Sketchy future for Hong Kong artists

Christopher DeWolf CNNGo.com 07/28/2010
Sketchy future for Hong Kong artists

A new policy that makes it easier for developers to convert industrial buildings could drive out Hong Kong's resident artists, curtailing what looked like becoming a thriving local art scene

Literature, foreign-language books, e-books favored at HK Book Fair

Works of literature, foreign-language books and e-books became new favorites during the 21st Hong Kong Book Fair closed on Tuesday, said the fair's organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Hong Kong plans rally to save Cantonese language

Hong Kong activists will rally on Sunday against China's bid to champion its national language Mandarin over Cantonese, following a rare protest for the same cause in southern China.

Move to Limit Cantonese on Chinese TV Is Assailed

Protests over land grabs, industrial pollution and poor work conditions often rattle the Chinese authorities. Now add to that outrage over language policy. More than 1,000 people gathered Sunday in Guangzhou, in southern China, to demonstrate against a local politician’s proposal to force a major local television network to stop broadcasting in Cantonese and switch to the country’s official language, Mandarin.

HK Book Fair expected to draw one million visitors

Up to one million visitors, including thousands of visitors from the Chinese mainland, are expected to join the Hong Kong Book Fair, which kicked off on Wednesday, on the hunt for a bargain, a new hit or a date with literature celebrities.

'Why I'm working with Tim Rice for the first time in 34 years': Andrew Lloyd Webber strikes again with The Wizard of Oz

This can't be the right place, I think as I push the doorbell. I'm looking for Andrew Lloyd Webber, First Lord of the Theatre and composer of lush, romantic melodies, whose home is surely a mansion swathed in velvet and adorned with golden cherubs - not this dusty little town house round the back of Victoria Station. Can he really live here?

Braving Crowds at Hong Kong Book Fair

JOYCE HOR-CHUNG LAU The New York Times 07/19/2010
World's oldest opera singer dies at age 98

The world's oldest opera singer, Cantonese Opera star Luo Pinchao, has died. He was 98.

Braving Crowds at Hong Kong Book Fair

The Hong Kong Book Fair is so popular that it drew more people last year (900,000) than recent legislative by-elections (579,000).

Hong Kong Book Fair goes digital

Antony Dickson The Independent 07/14/2010

5 Hong Kong museums that will keep you wide awake

Virginia Lau CNNGo.com 07/13/2010
Hong Kong Book Fair goes digital

In terms of numbers, it is Asia's biggest book fair and this year organizers are also hoping to lead the Asian publishing industry into a brave new world.

5 Hong Kong museums that will keep you wide awake

Museums don't have to be dusty, soulless and remind you of a school history trip; try these in Hong Kong for some real edu-tainment

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