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Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic

John Markoff The Spec 10/10/2010

Murder Captured By Google Street View Car

Jesus Diaz Gizmodo 10/07/2010
Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic

Anyone driving the twists of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have glimpsed a Toyota Prius with a curious funnel-like cylinder on the roof. Harder to notice was that the person at the wheel was not actually driving.

Murder Captured By Google Street View Car

Traveling through Google Brazil's Street View is an amazing trip of luxury and misery, even while one can't get into the favelas for risk of being killed. There's no need though. You can find death elsewhere. Warning: Strong images inside.

Android paid apps coming to Hong Kong and Singapore

Analytics company Distimo is reporting that Google has added 13 countries to its list of markets that can buy paid applications from the Android Market. Two countries in Asia are soon to be included--Hong Kong and Singapore. The other countries are Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and South Africa.

French court convicts Google and boss of defamation

A Paris court has convicted US search engine giant Google and its chief executive Eric Schmidt of defamation over results from its "suggest" function, a French legal affairs website has revealed.

Texas probing Google over search results

The attorney general of the US state of Texas has opened an inquiry into whether Internet giant Google manipulates search results.

Google Street-View Car Searched by Paris Privacy Regulators Before Ruling

A car used by Google Inc. to collect data for its Street View mapping service was stopped and searched yesterday near Paris, less than a week after France’s privacy regulator criticized the program’s resumption.

Google founders may get their own Hollywood film

Jessica Guynn Los Angeles Times 08/20/2010
Google founders may get their own Hollywood film

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s leading role in the social networking revolution will soon hit movie screens. But Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, whose idea for an Internet search engine turned them from idealistic Stanford graduate students into powerful billionaires, may not be far behind.

Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt

The private lives of young people are now so well documented on the internet that many will have to change their names on reaching adulthood, Google’s CEO has claimed.

Spain investigates Google Street View wi-fi snooping

Spain has become the latest country to launch an investigation into the collection of sensitive wi-fi data by Google.

A body on Google Street View? Don't worry it's just me playing dead, says girl, ten

It is a suburban scene much like millions of others on Google's Street View site... apart from one chilling addition. Lying face down on the pavement, her shoe inches away in the gutter, is the body of a young girl.

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