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India Maoist rebels kill 24 troops in West Bengal

Subir Bhaumik BBC News 17.02.2010
India Maoist rebels kill 24 troops in West Bengal

At least 24 troops were killed when armed Maoists attacked a camp of the paramilitary forces in India's West Bengal state, officials said.

Bystanders look at a destroyed bakery in Pune on February 13, 2010.

Long-awaited peace talks between India and Pakistan are hanging in the balance after a terrorist bomb attack in Pune, Western India, killed nine and injured 57.

Jaycee Lee Dugard and her captor Phillip Garrido

Phillip Garrido selected the pretty blonde girl with the gap-toothed grin as his prey during a "child shopping" trip because she looked "cute" , his wife Nancy has told investigators in California.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab faces 86 charges

An FBI officer has appeared before a court in the Indian city of Mumbai to testify on last November's attacks which killed more than 170 people.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab faces 86 charges

Two FBI officers are expected to appear later before a special court in the Indian city of Mumbai to testify on last November's attacks.

Mohammed Hanif Sayed, one of the convicted bombers of Mumbai twin blasts.

A court on Thursday sentenced to death three Indians found guilty of conspiring with a Pakistan-based militant group to carry out serial blasts in Mumbai in 2003 that killed at least 54 people, officials said.

Injured passengers in Thai plane crash transferred to Bangkok

Six passengers injured in a plane crash at Samui Airport of southern Thailand have been transferred to Bangkok Hospital, with one of them to have surgery for the broken leg later Thursday, Thai News Agency reported.

Chief public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam downplayed offer by Kasab's lawyer to withdraw from the case.

Despite a confession by the sole surviving suspect in the Mumbai terror attacks and his lawyer's offer to withdraw from the case, an Indian court said Thursday that it will continue with the trial.

Mumbai gunman suspect 'ready to die'

Harmeet Shah Singh CNN 22.07.2009
Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel burns during last November's attack by gunmen.

The alleged gunman captured alive during last year's Mumbai terror attacks told an Indian court Wednesday that he was ready to face execution.

Surviving Mumbai attacker pleads guilty in court

The lone surviving gunman from last year's Mumbai attacks made a surprise guilty plea on Monday, admitting to a role in the three-day rampage that killed 166 and raised tensions between India and Pakistan.

Is It Time to Invest in Real Estate?

JEFF BROWN The New Yorks 10.07.2009
Is It Time to Invest in Real Estate?

If the prime directive of investing is to “buy low, sell high,” it must be time to invest in real estate, right?

Indian court overturns ban on gay sex

An Indian court Thursday ruled gay sex was not a crime, a verdict that will bolster demands by gay and health groups that the government scrap a British colonial law which bans homosexual sex.

Troops are moving in to wrest control of the Lalgarh area from rebels

A court in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta has remanded a leading Maoist "spokesman" in custody after he walked out of a talk show on a TV channel.

Ajmal Amir Qasab is alleged to have opened fire on commuters

The first witness in the Mumbai attacks trial has identified the lone surviving gunman, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, in court, the prosecution has said.

Malaysia to release three Indian activists from detention

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia announced Friday it will release 13 people detained under a strict security law, including three ethnic Indian activists accused of inciting racial tensions. Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said he had signed the release ...

Soldiers patrol in Mumbai as the trial gets under way.

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- The lone surviving suspect from last year's Mumbai terror strikes Wednesday inadvertently admitted he is 21 years old, contradicting his earlier assertion that he was a juvenile, attorneys said.

There is intense security at the trial at the Arthur Road jail

The leading suspect in the Mumbai (Bombay) attacks trial has retracted his confession. The lawyer for the sole surviving suspected gunman, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab, said it was extracted through coercion and force.

Anjali Waghmare, center, turns away from journalists as she comes out of the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, ,15 Apr 2009

An Indian court has delayed the trial of the only surviving gunman in last year's Mumbai terrorist attacks, after dismissing the defendant's lawyer.

Soldiers patrol in Mumbai on the eve of the trial of a key suspect in last year's attacks in the Indian city.

MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- The main suspect captured alive from last year's deadly terror attacks in India's financial capital goes on trial Wednesday, nearly five months after the siege killed more than 160 people in Mumbai.

Arrests, kidnaps in Maoist citadel

Sukumar Mahato & Debajyoti Chakraborty Times of India 08.04.2009
Arrests, kidnaps in Maoist citadel

The Maoist-backed People's Committee against Police Atrocities (PCPA) sent out a strong message on Tuesday on what to expect if the government and CPM go ahead with the plan to send police to the villages in Lalgarh.

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