44 Thai Buddhist monks stranded at Indian airport

44 Thai Buddhist monks were stranded on Sunday at the Agartala airport after their Kolkata-bound Air India flight had been canceled due to a technical problem.

Thai Airways flight makes emergency landing at Kolkata airport

A Bangkok-bound Thai Airways flight from Mumbai made an emergency landing at the Kolkata airport on Thursday due to a technical problem with the fuel dispenser.

Italy says Swiss misused travel pact in Libya row

Italy accused Switzerland on Tuesday of misusing an agreement facilitating European travel to put pressure on Libya, prompting a Libyan ban on visas for much of Europe.

Libya suspends issuing visas to Europeans

Libya has suspended the issuing of entry visas to European citizens apart from British nationals, an official at the country's main international airport said on Monday.

The crash killed 18 people and has caused rail chaos in Belgium

Eurostar services between the UK and Brussels have been suspended for a second day after two commuter trains crashed in Belgium, killing 18 people.

AirAsia to launch flights to 5 more Indian cities

Budget carrier AirAsia said Tuesday it would launch flights to another five Indian cities from April, as part of its regional expansion despite global economic uncertainties.

Jetstar passengers stranded in Thailand

JETSTAR passengers booked on a Thailand-to-Sydney flight have been stuck on the resort island of Phuket since Monday because of maintenance problems.

Orthodox Jew's prayer ritual triggers a mid-air bomb scare

DAVID O'REILLY The Sydney Morning Herald 22.01.2010
Orthodox Jew's prayer ritual triggers a mid-air bomb scare

PHILADELPHIA: While flying to Kentucky to visit his grandmother, a teenager began the morning prayer ritual expected of Orthodox Jewish men by strapping small leather boxes to his forehead and arm. But to an attendant on US Airways Express Flight ...

Royal Caribbean cruise line brings tourists, supplies to Haiti port

Royal Caribbean(RCL) has quickly returned to Haiti, dropping tourists from cruise ships on the country's north coast about 60 miles from devastation in the earthquake-stricken capital of Port-au-Prince.

US Airways raises online baggage fees

US Airways on Friday raised baggage fees for travelers who check their luggage online. The higher online fees match those set in recent days by Delta, Continental, and United.

Possibility of Terror Plots Prompts More Checks for Explosives at US Airports

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security moved Thursday to increase random checks for explosives at American airports after officials cited a heightened concern over possible terror plots against the aviation system.

United Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing at New Jersey Airport

A. G. SULZBERGER and NATE SCHWEBER The New York Times 11.01.2010
A United Airlines Airbus 319 sat on the tarmac at Newark Liberty International Airport after making an emergency landing in Newark, N.J., Sunday.

The plane was well into its final descent toward Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday morning when it began a sudden and unmistakable climb. There was “a little problem,” the pilot told the 48 passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 634.

Eurostar cancels half of London to Paris trains

PARIS — The beleaguered Eurostar high-speed train service on Friday cancelled half of its train services between London and Paris because of freezing temperatures, a spokeswoman said.

Qantas A380 Delayed 24 Hours in Los Angeles After Fault

Steve Creedy The Herald Sun 06.01.2010
Qantas A380 Delayed 24 Hours in Los Angeles After Fault

A QANTAS A380 flight from the US had to be cancelled after it reportedly recorded the longest wait on Los Angeles International Airport's tarmac since 2007, in the latest blow for the airline.

Armed police officers maintained a presence at London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 yesterday

LONDON - Airline passengers bound for the United States faced a hodgepodge of security measures across the world yesterday, but most European airports did not appear to be following a new US demand for increased screening of passengers from 14 cou...

Air Berlin Jet Skids Off Runway at Airport in Germany

BERLIN — A jet headed for Spain's Canary Islands came off the runway at Dortmund airport in western Germany on Sunday, but no one was injured, authorities said.

Flights Behind Schedule After New Jersey Security Breach

Security lines at Newark Liberty International Airport were moving normally Monday, but flights were still running behind schedule a day after a man walked through a screening checkpoint exit to enter a terminal.

Delta to give vouchers to Flight 253 passengers

Nathan Hurst and George Hunter The Detroit News 31.12.2009
Delta to give vouchers to Flight 253 passengers

Passengers who traveled on the Detroit-bound Christmas run of Northwest Airlines Flight 253, targeted by a suspected terrorist, will receive travel credits from Delta Air Lines Inc., a company spokeswoman said Wednesday.

China unveils 'world's fastest train link'

BEIJING — China on Saturday unveiled what it billed as the fastest rail link in the world -- a train connecting the modern cities of Guangzhou and Wuhan at an average speed of 350 kilometres (217 miles) an hour.

Security ramped up at airports in U.S., UK, Amsterdam

Passengers flying into the United States from abroad should expect additional security measures at U.S. and international airports a day after a passenger detonated a device aboard a flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan, the Tra...

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