A Prayer of Behalf of Gilad Shalit

Yael Levin 17.09.2009 12:22
Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit

To be Recited in the Synagogue On Rosh Ha-Shanah






Our Father, Our King, God who becomes appeased through compassion, consider favorably with Your Kindness on this Day of Rememberance, Gilad, son of Aviva and Noam Shalit, who has been taken into captivity by the enemy.

Who is like You, Merciful Father, Who recalls His creatures mercifully for life. Remember him for life, O King Who desires life, and redeem and release him soon from his confinement, as it is written: “To rescue prisoners from confinement, from the dungeon those who sit in darkness” (Isaiah 42, 7).

Please, O gracious and compassionate King, who apportions life for all the living, may the cry of the prisoner come before You, and may the biblical verse be fulfilled in him: To proclaim release to the captives, liberation to the imprisoned” (Isaiah. 61, 1), as well as the Scripture: “God releases the bound” (Psalms 146, 7).

Have compassion on Your handiwork, and extend kindness to Gilad, son of Aviva and Noam Shalit, on this Day of Judgment. Our God and the God of our forefathers, remember him with a favorable memory before You, and visit him with a recollection of salvation and mercy, by the merit of Joseph, who was discharged from prison on Rosh ha-Shanah and by the merits of Sarah, Rachel, and Hannah who were frequented on Rosh ha-Shanah; and because this entire holy congregation is praying on his behalf that he return safely soon. Amen, so may it be Your will

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