Who is V. E.? In a few days evry one will know

Txist 06.02.2010 12:44
Who is V. E.?  In a few  days evry one will know

He is self-elected monarch to Perm and anoints himself with the same privileges as President Medvedev and vice-President Putin

. In some circles he even has the audacity to put himself above “Luzhkov”. Maybe he should be called God Father. It has always been said that here is honor among thieves, but even this statement cannot apply.  For how does one characterize a man who not only fails to pay his debts but manages to cut out the people that feed him? He is not constrained by borders leaving dead bodies, empty pockets from the Middle East to Israel and even the North American continent. If one would attempt to tear down the layers you might find the gold of the two hundred thousand pensioners who remain starving on the streets of Perm as well as the thousands which have been harmed by his disregard for life, security and safety of a country where he claims to be a patriot but leaves only destruction in the wake of dawn. How bizarre that a diamond watch be called a “bulldozer” or a team of two thousand plus employees be reduced to fifty to avoid his fiscal responsibility.

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