PETITION : To the people of Israel, communication minister and Knesset member Moshe Kachlon

16.03.2010 16:35
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foto- vikipdia

I am addressing you so I can ask you to influence the Israeli media to be as objective and balanced as possible. One must not forget that the media has great influence on what occurs in a nation and the mood of its people. It is a fact that public TV and radio usually put more emphasis on negative events than the positive ones that take place in a country


It is true that the media has to present negative events occurring in the country, but not to exaggerate. It is necessary to give out objective information but first its necessary to present the positive as a background to the negative.

In my opinion, if the media will be balanced, its nationalism will strengthen the country from within.

A classic example: It’s been twenty days, the tv and radio are broadcasting the Prime Minister’s wife’s house maid (Mrs. Lilian Peretz) claims against Sarah Nethanyahu. It seems to me that this is not the first time that special interest groups are trying to poison the public atmosphere against the Prime Minister, Benjamin Nethanyahu. Today, Israel’s Prime Minister is facing crucial conflicts regarding the state and its people and the media instead of helping and supporting the Prime Minister is talking about this impossible event for quite some time on the news especially on the show, Ha’kol Diburim (It’s All Talk).

Second example: A memorial ceremony held for astronaut Ilan Ramon took place on Tuesday, January 26, 2010, at the Tel Aviv University. Guests from NASA and abroad attended the ceremony that lasted about three hours. To my regret, the public tv and radio did not air the ceremony or cover it. Only channel 9 which broadcasts in the Russian language, broadcasted the ceremony in full. In my opinion, Ilan Ramon should be a national pride for the Israeli media as well.

Third example: On November 2, 2009, on channel 2, on the show Ha’kol Diburim (It’s All Talk) the contributor, Mr. Yaron Dekel spoke over a half an hour about a Jewish terrorist Jacob Tatle, an extremist, who got caught not too long ago. They let many people talk on the radio, usually left-wing people. For example, Mr. Dekel spoke of Gideon Levi’s (a left-wing extremist) article that was published in the paper Ha’aretz. In this article, he tried again, like always, to poison the atmosphere against a group of nationalistic settlers, the majority of the Israeli public stand against terror of any kind. On the matter of the Jewish terrorist Jacob Tatle, November 2, 2009, all tv channels spoke about him for hours, and turned it into a media circus. The crime was committed by a single person who is a right-wing extremist, and there is no excuse to give the far left the opportunity to turn this affair into a media circus. Public media should not encourage this kind of occurrences.

Usually, most of the Israeli interviewers on radio and tv are very rude and cynical. Democracy and freedom – yes, but not on the border of anarchy. To my regret, the Israeli media does not have a positive effect. The Israeli public, with the help of constructive criticism, needs to fix all that is negative and unfair in the Israeli media that deeply negatively effects the state and its people.
If this petition will be signed by thousands of people, it might be an influence on the Israeli media.

Prof. Shalva Tzivion
Tel-Aviv University

The Undersigned

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