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Women's Spring" – A New Peace Initiative 22.12.2012 03:10
"Women's Spring" – A New Peace  Initiative

"Women's Spring" – A New Peace Initiative

Future peace agreement must include the mutual engagement of both parties for civil anchors the women's rights in particular and human rights in general.



 Look at the status of women in all countries of the region -  Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the other Arab countries, paints a dismal picture of systematic human rights violations in general and of women in particular, in  its most important subjects– family, employment, economics, law, politics and public.


   Discrimination against women, racism and damaging human freedom, are created when a democratic state  allows non-democratic  groups which do not have democratic practice,  to take part in the democratic game and to  be elected in a democratic way, in order to establish a non-democratic   agenda.


 This happens in Israel, and in the PA - whose value of equality is not engraved on their flags. In both countries women   are still asset of the husband (in Israel-according to Din Torah- the Bible Law) as a functional for procreation and the family's keeper. The education system brings up generations of men on values ​​that justify physical injury in women, and justify their discrimination. The actual result is that women are discriminate in public space, in court system, in their security, in public roles, in salary for work of equal nature. That is even in the secular society.


  In recent years, the extreme anti-democratic group here and at our neighbor's, is getting stronger, and we are witnesses to the flood of   anti-democratic legislation and norms, specifically excludes women.


 These forces of extreme anti-democracy are similar to the eternal refusal to reach a peace agreement, and their patriarchal attitudes are racist towards women. The continuation of the conflict in the region allows the anti-democratic to improve their stations, and to prevent the improvement of the status of human rights in general and of women's in particular. These forces of inflection on both sides shared the same ideology: sweeping opposition to democracy, "justification" of the violation of human rights, and an irony use of democratic procedures in order to  take control of the State management mechanisms in adopting laws and adopting   governance rules stipulate non- equality, subordinate the constitutional democratic constitution in their alternate.


  You can see the discrimination of women on both sides, even if at different levels, by monitoring the legal status and legal basis. In Israel, according to the laws of the religious, women are the property of the husband, condemned to desertion and violence and to sexual abuse and physical or economic ones — without a real protection of the law.. On the Palestinian side – under Hamas regime,   the situation is much worse. Recently a law was passed which forbids women to spend time at coffee shops, laws of cloths' code, of marrying girls for the elderly, and of women's wholesale murder.



 We are - lovers of democracy and equality, calling all parties to include in peace negotiations' teams a worthy representation of women on both sides, and including a mutual commitment clause in the peace agreement, whereby both countries commit themselves to a democratic regime based on the constitution of civil rights for all citizens and especially for women, and does not allow non - democratic groups to use of democratic procedures. Section 7A of the Basic Law and Article 5 of the Knesset parties prohibit the existence of non-democratic political parties, but the actual law is not enforced at all.




Civil constitution that prevents anti-democratic elements to destroy it, anchors the human rights in general and women in particular, as a foundation for a healthy society, in honor of peoples and dialogue between human factions - is a prerequisite for durable and strong peace.


 Peace initiative is the result of joint work of democracy activists - Ronnie A. Sedovnik,  Yaron Yadan,  Shahar Ilan..

 Join us online   www.alonilaw.com

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