Resume of alex levin

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Resume  of alex levin

Name: Alex Levin Family status: married with one child Mail address: post office box 6007 Rishon le Zion, Israel Fax number: + 972 (0) 39518174





Name: Alex Levin

Family status: married with one child

Mail address: post office box 6007 Rishon le Zion, Israel

Fax number: + 972 (0) 39518174

E-mail address:




  • Graduate of Ben- Gurion University in the history of the people of Israel and in education.
  • Teaching diploma from Ben Gurion University.
  • Biyearly course for high school headmasters- Ben Gurion University.
  • Ben Gurion university Engineering college. Civil practical engineer.
  • Bar Ilan University- M.A studies on mass communication.
  • Haifa University- M.A studies on the history of Israel.
  • The Technological College in Beer Sheva- computer instructor (biyearly)
  • Ort adults- business administration (triennial)
  • The center for local authorities- public administration (one year)
  • Ministry of Labor- public administration (one year)
  • I have completed a large amount of different courses and have a maximum study fund.
  • “master” degree in music


Employment experience:


I have much experience in the area of motivating employees and managing big employment staffs. I have much experience with work relations, employer and employee relations and in interpersonal relationships. I am able to train employees and I am qualified to manage negotiations in different areas. I own a lot of knowledge on recruiting resources and funds. I have a large acquaintance with different government institutions and with big organizations. I am a person of high capabilities in negotiations. I am capable of working under pressure. I have much experience in managing large funds systems. I have a large amount of knowledge in the area of public relations, advertisement, propaganda, and experience in international trade and in consultation for investment companies in a large amount of countries. I have excellent connections with the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Portugal, Nigeria, Georgia, Rumania, Montenegro, Albania, Cuba, India and China.

I am an expert in promoting employees, rehabilitating institutions and in establishing connections systems. I know how to build budget proposals, business plans and advertisement campaigns, recruit donations, funds resources and more. I am an expert in recruiting investors for national projects, also an expert in recruiting funds from different stock markets around the world and also from banks.

For the last 11 years I have been specializing in aircraft trade, airlines, airports and remote piloted vehicles, escorting airlines, establishing airlines, advertisement and sales promotion, metal trade, food trade and more. I specialize in a particular way in managing election campaigns, selling products, changing public opinions and more.


Last employment places:


From the year 2000    and until now I manage the company Nohar Ltd a company that  develops businesses overseas consultation in the areas of developing businesses and investments overseas, public  relations and more.
From the year 2005 I am the chairman of the airline Armevya Israel. (Armenia’s airline)

1998-2000                         Manager of the company Amir Satellites and satellite services.

1997 1998                        Manager of Zantriks satellite communication company of   Talkor Company.

1978-1998                       Headmaster of three high schools, a middle school and a boarding school which were all managed successfully.

1975-1977                       Control engineer on the air industry  Beer-Sheva                 







  I am in control of the next languages: Russian, Hebrew, English and polish.


Other jobs that I worked at correspondingly:



1986-1980                        Lecturer at the information center in the prime ministers office                                  

                                                   in areas such as politics and current matters. I also serve as a  tour guide in Israel.

1980-1987                     I was a lecturer for a teaching diploma at the Technological College in Bear- Sheva and at the Open University in these areas: behavior changes, the teacher as a leader, mass communication, organizational consultation, micro- School teaching, the science of education, changes in the educational system, the behavior of kids and dealing with disciplinary problems and the history of the Israeli people.

1989-1985                        A lecturer at the social work school in Bear- Sheva in the area of      interpersonal relationship, lead social worker and more.

1981-1982                            Manager of the district of the human rights association.

1992-1997                       I was a Screener for teachers that were nominated for manager courses from the ministry of education office and also presented new administrations and work instruments.
I ran a forum about education for at the year 2005.  

1980-1981                        I was vice principle of Ort Israel in the south county.

2000-2001                       I was a lecturer for teaching diplomas for technicians and    practical engineers at Amal Petah Tiqwa.







      I was in a combat unit during my service for the I.D.F. I am an IDF invalid since the Yom Kippur war. In the reserve forces I am an educational lecturer at an explanation unit for the IDF. I was given a reward of excellence during my service and in the reserve forces also.

      I was also given a special appraisal certificate from the general of the south headquarter for my service during the reserve forces.  The certificate was given to me personally by the general.

      I am the founder the Orthodox Nahal together with brigadier general Yehuda Dovdevani.

      I was given many awards like man of the year, the elected employee, awards for creation, awards for education,
 and other many certificates and awards. I have dozens of recommendation letters from my supervisors over the years.

      I founded seven scholarship funds for troubled kids.


1980-1997    I was a member of honor on the artists of Israel association at the south county.               

Since 1987 and up until this day I am a member in the association for ecological journalists       
that is next to the international foundation for ecologic and health? ? ?

1992-1998    I managed voluntarily the proselytizing center of Israel Central County.

 We converted about 1600 women, men and teenagers. The convert was orthodox and associated with the rabbi Israel Rozen,
 the rabbi Bakshi Doron and also with the rabbi David Grossman.

1992-1998 I was the president (voluntarily) of a children’s association for kids who can help troubled kids.
 I was a member on different administration boards.

I presented my photography work at many shows.

1982-1988 I served as a moderator judge for the general federation.

I wrote seventeen books the famous ones are: maabarot stories, pictures that embrace the world,
 fifty years of creation- a series on Israeli artists, scouting, loneliness, speculations,

Mikveh Israel and more.

1986-1988 I was a special consultant for the ministry of education for colonizing education.

I have a noble degree “Baron” a formal degree with certificates.


I have a lot of experience in organizing courses, training employees, organizing ceremonies;
 I am an expert in interpersonal relationships, leadership, micro teaching, solving discipline issues,
the science of teaching and organizational changes.




                            Alex Levin



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