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Losing just one night's sleep makes brain prone to 'sudden shutdowns'

Being deprived of sleep even for one night makes the brain unstable and prone to sudden shutdowns akin to a power failure - brief lapses that hover between sleep and wakefulness, according to researchers.

Medical marijuana: How much is enough?

Carol M. Ostrom The Seattle Times 22.05.2008
Medical marijuana: How much is enough?

A state Health Department proposal that medical-marijuana patients be allowed more than 2 pounds of pot every two months took law enforcement by surprise and prompted the governor to tell health officials to start over.

Higher asthma rates in first-born kids linked to pregnancy conditions: study

TORONTO — First-born children are known to have a higher risk for developing asthma and allergies than their younger siblings, and researchers suggest part of the reason may lie in the womb.

13 birds with West Nile found in Orange County in May

David Reyes Los Angeles Times 21.05.2008
13 birds with West Nile found in Orange County in May

Thousands of abandoned swimming pools, another casualty of the real estate market meltdown, have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile virus, Orange County vector control officials said Tuesday.

Teen blood donors experience more complications

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. blood centers are relying more on teenage donors to maintain an adequate blood supply, but these donors are more likely than older ones to faint or have other complications, researchers said.

Nanotechnology cancer risk found

Alan Zarembo Los Angeles Times 21.05.2008
Nanotechnology cancer risk found

Certain types of carbon nanotubes -- microscopic graphite cylinders used in a small but growing number of Space Age applications -- could pose a cancer risk similar to that of asbestos if inhaled, scientists reported Tuesday.

Killer Jobs: 10 Painful Professions

LARA SALAHI ABC News 21.05.2008
Killer Jobs: 10 Painful Professions

No matter how much you love your job, there always will be days of strain and headaches. But for some, work brings daily aches and pains that can develop into something worse. In some professions, people suffer the hurt -- but keep going back ever...

Sleep Disorder Raises Heart Risks While Flying

People with obstructive sleep apnea may be at greater risk for heart troubles during air travel, a new study shows. Sleep apnea is a common condition characterized by temporary breathing interruptions during sleep, often due to an upper airway obs...

San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland ranked third best in women's heart health

A report released Monday by the American Heart Association indicates that women may be wise to follow in the footsteps of Tony Bennett and leave their hearts in San Francisco.

Sex problems 'may be heart alert'

Men with diabetes who are having trouble keeping an erection could be at increased risk of serious heart problems, suggests a study. Those with erectile dysfunction were twice as likely as other men with diabetes to develop heart disease.

Thailand Emerges as World Leader in `Medical Tourism`

A 35-year-old Korean woman went to Thailand to get a nose job. She said, “An interpreter at the hospital who spoke Korean guided me from admission to operation,” she said. “I was able to set the date for the operation after consulting with the doc...

Improving life quality with advanced physical technologies

Our life quality and health are a function of the genetic code of each one of us integrated with the factors that accompany our environ ment in which we live, the quality of water we drink, the quality of food we eat and the dangerous amount of r...

Healthy smoking. Electronic cigarette and cigar. Quit smoking.

REBEL electronic cigar/cigarette is a new high-tech alternative to help a smoker to quit or reduce both the amount of inhaled harmful substances during forced abstinence periods and related discomfort. The REBEL is a full emulation of the smoking ...