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Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Name Misspelled on Hollywood Walk of Fame

OLSEN EBRIGHT NBC Los Angeles 06.05.2010 10:18
Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Name Misspelled on Hollywood Walk of Fame - USA - entertainment - celebrity - Julia Louis-Dreyfus - gossip - Los Angeles

"Seinfeld" alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus received the 2,407th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. There was just one problem. Her name was misspelled. "Julia Luis Dreyfus"

We haven't seen a typo that unfortunate since George Costanza was convinced the Moops invaded Spain in the 8th century.

CNN senior producer David Daniel was possibly the first to notice the mistake.

"'Um, excuse me,' I said to the workmen, 'but I'm pretty sure that star is missing an O. And a hyphen,'" Daniel said.

Daniel says he noticed the error on his way to work, according to CNN entertainment blog The Marquee Blog:

They were startled, and a little unsure what to do -- after all, the ceremony was in four hours, and you can't just print up a new star at the local CopyMart. I snapped a pic with my BlackBerry, then hustled to work and called Ana Martinez-Holler, the press rep for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "Are you sure?" she gasped, and then, understandably, she hurried off the phone.

The actress reportedly was in good spirits about the mistake -- and yada, yada, yada -- by ceremony time, the star was temporarily fixed (see: above photo).