Whole lot of 'fakin' this weekend in Seattle

King5.com 01/23/2009 08:19 PM
Whole lot of 'fakin' this weekend in Seattle - USA - Seattle - event

SEATTLE – Make way for the "Elvi." Amateur Elvis impersonators of all kinds will descend on Seattle Saturday for the 12th annual Elvis Invitationals.

They'll battle it out for the title of top impersonator and possession of a coveted sequined belt. And they'll have a lot of fun along the way, organizers say.

"There's more Elvi than you can shake a stick at," said Marlow Harris, a Priscilla Presley impersonator who will serve as a judge at the competition.

The event was born in 1995 at the now defunct Crocodile Café, and later moved to the Experience Music Project.

This year's event will be at Club Motor. It's returning after a year-long hiatus.

"For whatever reason EMP was on the fence about having it again … it just kind of fell through the cracks," Harris said. "It just didn’t happen last year, and everyone was disappointed. The Elvi kind of got together and decided to do it again."

(...) The event is open to all ages. It will be held at Club Motor, located at 1950 First Ave. South in Seattle.

Doors open at 7:45 p.m. and the show starts at 8:30 p.m.