Does Seattle have a "Top Chef"

HEATHER BOSCH My North West 02/11/2009 02:55 PM
Does Seattle have a "Top Chef" - top - chef

There were more cooks than customers at Seattle's Canlis Restaurant on Wednesday afternoon as 100 hopefuls lined up for chance to compete on the reality cooking show, "Top Chef."

Casting producer Hunter Braun said it is the first time the show has held a casting call in Seattle, "I've heard a lot about Northwestern cuisine, obviously you guys know your seafood... there's a Pacific Rim element (to the cooking) as well and I would love to see that on the show."

But getting on the show isn't easy, even for experienced chefs, "They have to be able to think on the spot, create a dish on the spot, and be inventive, and be inventive enough to impress a master chef." Braun said.


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