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Chinese Women's National Volleyball Team Triggers Debate in Hong Kong

Wang Wenwen 19.08.2010 09:19
Chinese Women's National Volleyball Team Triggers Debate in Hong Kong - China - Hong Kong - Sports - Volleyball

Fans have criticized the Chinese women's national volleyball team for excessive shopping during a stay in Hong Kong while attending the FIVB World Grand Prix 2010.

The team reportedly spent an estimated total of 200,000 yuan, or over 29,000 U.S. dollars, during two hours in Causeway Bay, the most popular shopping district in Hong Kong. The team arrived in Hong Kong Monday night after finishing matches in Macao and was allowed to go on the shopping trip the following day. The players first went to a beauty shop to buy anti-pain plasters as well as facial masks and cosmetics. Then they turned to an electric appliance store and bought iPhone 4s and iPads.

It has become a "custom" for the China women's national volleyball team to go shopping in Hong Kong when they attend tournaments held by local organizations. Local merchants also take advantage of the team's popularity in Hong Kong and offer the players coupons. Hoping the team's patronage can bring publicity to their shops, they have made the visits into a marketing activity.

However, fans of the team criticized their behavior, saying as the team lost the match in Macao, they should concentrate on training instead of shopping. Some think the team's accessories have become more and more luxurious, but their skills are getting progressively worse.