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Dr. Yitzhaq (Isaac) Hayut-Man 21.01.2009 04:45
VIRTUAL NEW JERUSALEM AS SUBSTITUTE FOR A WORLD WAR - Global threats - Peace Proposals - Dome of the Rock - Utopian writings - Jerusalem Temple - New Israel - Computer Games

An original Proposal for transforming Jerusalem from WWIII threat to a Global peacemaking facility by utilizing Massively Multiplayer Games

Virtual New Jerusalem as substitute for a World War

Many studies of the question what is the most likely factor/cause that is liable to ignite a World-War/global Jihad have singled the Jerusalem Temple Mount. We know the manipulation of rumors about the Temple Mount from the last Palestinian uprising, called by its perpetrators "The El-Aqsa Intifada". There is no need for Jewish extremists to blow up the Dome of the Rock or the El-Aqsa Mosque in order to clear a place for the Third Temple – sooner or later even the El-Qaeda or similar organization may perpetrate it and blame Israel-the Jews-the Western Powers in order to evoke a global Jihad. Certainly the real aim for Iranian missiles that might be aimed at Tel Aviv is Jerusalem.

Dr. Yitzhaq (Isaac) Hayut-Man has been proposing  to build a massively multi-user computer games system that will employ the stormy history of Jerusalem as basis for computer games through which participants will be able to conduct all the wars over Jerusalem – of the past present and future (as substitute for their real performance) – but also to change roles and identities, to become acquainted with the amazing history of Jerusalem and of the religions connected with Jerusalem, to actually perform the redemptive prophecies and visions of the prophets of Israel and other monotheistic peoples and to utilize the Temple already today without removing a single stone on the Temple Mount (Haram a-Sharif) or harming the sacred places of anyone – an interfaith interface and inter-cultural temple (in the model of the Twelve Tribes) for forming understandings.

Hayut-Man has degrees in architecture, urban planning and a doctorate in the development of cognitive systems and applications of the cybernetic Conversation Theory. Having succeeded in the restoration of the Newe Tzedeq neighborhood of Tel Aviv, where his parents were born, he turned over 20 years ago to diffusing the conceptual booby-trap hidden in the Temple Mount and to designing the future temple of Jerusalem in ways that are likely to be acceptable to Moslem conceptions and to respond to real contemporary world needs, in accordance with advice given by his Jewish Rabbis.[1] The question that guided him was what kind of Temple could change the world-view of millions of people and by what means would it be built.

Hayut-Man knew the idea of solving urban problems via computer games back from his study in U.C. Berkeley in the turbulent 1960's. Much like a builder adding a brick over brick in accordance with a plan, Hayut-Man and his associates have defined the different modules that should be integrated into the games system – war games and reconciliation/peace games, training procedures for leadership and for spiritual ascent. With a budget of 2 million dollars it is entirely practical to build an attractive initial games system with the right mix of action and of spiritual development that would attract millions of participant players and would also attract investment for its extensions into a system that delivers interest and inspiration for scores of millions of users. When such a global audience becomes aware of the positive possibilities, the cloud of doom hovering over the Temple Mount would evaporate and there would appear over the Temple Mount a holographic Temple of Light that would display the results of the progress of the Jerusalem Games and the drawing-near of cultures in the form of magnificent light patterns display.

These proposals have already gained certain recognition. The leading technology and society magazine – Wired – has placed a major article about Hayut-Man and the Holographic Temple idea next to a listing of the mavericks and dreamers whose ideas are changing the world.[2] The book "A People Apart"[3] contains his article "From Tel Aviv to the Temple" that shows that the vision of the prophet Ezekiel is about an electric-virtual Temple

Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man, Cyber-architect


Presentation of it for the Google Project 10tothe100 Competition at:

U-Tube video at:

[1]  Rabbi Adin Steinsalz instructed him that prior to design, the right questions should be formulated; Rabbi She'ar-Yashuv Cohen instructed him that the Temple would be built only after the Moslems will ask us to build it.

[3]  Benjamin Lau (ed): A People Apart – Homeland and Diaspora. Yedi'ot Aharonot Books, 2006.

[4]  Technologies for these and kindred measures have been developed in various places, notably in cybernetician Gordon Pask's 'Conversation Theory" and "Interaction of Actors Theory". (24)


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