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Yitzhaq Hayut-Man 19.07.2013 02:14
5D HEAVENLY SPACE NAVIGATION - RE-VISIONING The ISRA’ - Computer Games - Dome of the Rock - Peace Proposals

The expanded text of my slide-show at the Interrnational Space Development Conference (San Diego May 2013). Illustrations may be added inthe course of time and the slide-show would be developed into a video.

In Progress

5D Navigation in Heavenly Space:
Re-Visioning the Universal Isra’
Dr. Yitzḥaq Ḥayut-Man, Cyber-architect

<slide 1>


“5D navigation” can have applications in Computer games, Space Travel, Knowledge Engineering, and many other uses. We shall propose its utilization for peace-building.

What we commonly call "space" partially corresponds to traditional concepts of "Heavens". Traditional temple designs aimed to connect heaven and earth, and we'll propose something similar, supported by modern means.

Most religions had concepts of higher dimensions, albeit by different names. Jewish mysticism (Sefer Yetzirah), explicitly presents a five-dimensional hyper-cubical space concept. The 4th dimension is of Time and Time-travel and the 5th dimension is “the Soul dimension” of ethical quality. Modern technology would allow virtual Temples to connect even better between the "earthly" as 3D space, and the "heavenly", as higher-dimensional (5D and more) hyperspace.

The current progress in games to 3D modeling begs moving further to 4D and 5D modeling. The New Jerusalem Games™ we’re developing utilize the hyperspace navigation and assembly in several ways:

The domain of the New Jerusalem Games includes seven past and present periods, and their temples, from Jerusalem’s rich history. And a future period of the New/Heavenly Jerusalem. Players move through "loaded" space-time involving changing game motivations and even identities. The overall course is from conquest that could lead either to a World War or to collaboration for building the Heavenly City. <slide alley>

The existing shrine of the Dome of the Rock can be interpreted as a model 4-dimensional facility in which participants delight to assemble cubical and hyper-cubical vehicles that become the building blocks of the heavenly city. <slides dome in and out>

The games will depict in virtual mode what could well be achieved physically - a “New Jerusalem” that makes Christian, Moslem and Jewish expectations (and a dozen others) coheres. This New Jerusalem would appearing as a great transparent cube in the skies - a hyper-Ka'aba if you will - pulled up by drones and holding an artificial cloud. This would provide a 3D screen for holographic projections of the assembly of the bodies of knowledge assembled by groups of participants.<Heavenly Jerusalem as cube>

The entire system of the New Jerusalem Games is just too vast to present here. We shall thus concentrate on one of the aspects - the Islamic perspective relating to Jerusalem. This aspect is very critical, as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the core root of the conflict between Israel and the Muslim-Arabs and the likely place to trigger WWIII.

The Isra’-Miraj Night Journey:

What binds Islam to Jerusalem is the belief story (Hadith) of the "Night Journey" of the Prophet Mohammad - a flight to Jerusalem and from there the ascent to the seven heavens. This belief has become the Muslim paradigm of space-journey. Yet this or similar seven-heaven scheme are found in many religions. This suggests adapting it for a global virtual application in cyberspace, and thereby mitigating the political stumbling stone.

Out-of-this-world journeys were taken in all ancient cultures, shamanic or urban.[1] Jewish culture, for one, has treasures of heavenly journeys[2] account – the Heikhlot (heavenly stations) literature. In fact there could have been an influence of these Jewish tradition on Mohammad’s heavenly journey.<book covers Sufi and Idel>

The Isr’a-Mi'raj passage of the "Night Journey" represent to well over a billion Muslims the ultimate rising of the Muslim Ummah (nation) that summarizes the Prophet's spiritual attainment and authority. The accepted concept/legend is that the Prophet arrived to Jerusalem (the Isra’), flying the Buraq - a mysterious flying beast, and from there he ascended through the Seven Heavens (the Mi'raj).[3] 

Let’s examine Mohammad's heavenly Journey – known as the (Isra’ and) Mi’raj – his ascension - from a comparative religions perspectives.

Here are several Seven-Heaven Schemes + a later 6-planet geometrical scheme:


Figure in the Night Journey

In the Talmud (Hagigah 13)

In the Kabbalah

Geocentric Planetary order

Kepler's planetary spaces



Ạravot  Riding over all / Throne







Makhon - Store of Shefa









Ma’ọn - Angelic bands








Idris (Enoch)

Zevul  (45) -Heavenly Jerusalem

Eternity / Victory








Sheḥaqim make Manna for the pious

Splendor / Acceptance







Jesus & John










Kingship / service





What is remarkable about the Isra’-Mi’raj scheme is that it is not a solitary journey (as for most of the mystics), but a social one. At each stage the Prophet was introduced to former men of God who could teach him something essential for an ascent to the next level, and likely to accompany him there. So there forms a growing company that, when they reach the Seventh Heaven they all pray together, letting Mohammad to lead the prayer, to be the envoy of a community.[4] <slide of M. leading prayer>

This would inspire our Jerusalem games to facilitate the formation of mixed groups whose members assist each other to ascend to the next level. In fact, they would assemble their combined hyperspace vehicle – their Merkaba (the Hebrew term for such a spiritual vehicle, meaning literally “assembly” and in common use “the Chariot of God”, following from Ezekiel chap. 1, and its many later developments). The New Jerusalem Games would provide a virtual environment for a whole network of groups sitting by special “Assembly Round Tables” (ART™), discussing their a-priori differing concepts and harmonizing them. <slide of ART>

See Appendix A – Further observations concerning the Isra’-Mi'raj

See also The seven heavens in the Talmud


Into the Cube and out of the box to the Hyper-Qa'ba:

The Sufis[5] teach that by his performing this Ascent, the Prophet Mohammad opened this ascent as potentially possible for all people. This calls for great hospitality to open the gates of the shrine to all sincere peregrins. 

Invited to each participant may obtain his/her own roundtable seat to engage in assembling a "Merkaba" (Heavenly chariot, and also “assembly”) that enables touring the "Seven Heavens".

Nowadays, the Merkaba is popularly depicted by the double-tetrahedron that is formed by connecting the 12 diagonals of the cube. It makes "a 3D Star of David".[6] <slides of Merkaba>

We can generalize from the Isra’-Mi'raj case, a structural-geometric sequence of mental development in a special space of merit: each stage in the sequence builds upon the former and brings the components of the former stage into greater integration and derives an ordered system of structures that facilitate the group discussions process.

The Dome of the Rock as the Universal Mi’raj launcher

The popular belief is that the Dome of the Rock was built to commemorate the Mi’raj, whereas scholars have shown that this association first appeared several centuries after it was built. But we advance a still more radical concept – that it was designed for the (far) future universal Mi’raj. <slides of Dome of the Rock inside and out>

Early Islamic commentators explained that "El-Aqsa" is a temple in heaven. Shia scholars still maintain this understanding.

The artisan-architects of the Dome of the Rock were described by a recent leading Sufi leader, Idris Shah, as "sufi Freemasons". Idris Shah claimed that the entire mystical knowledge they had got embedded in the geometry and architecture of the shrine. So conceivably the edifice commemorates not the past Mi’raj - but the future ones.

Its architectural language relates this shrine to the New Jerusalem Diagram (NJD), based upon the balancing of the square (masculine) and the circle (feminine)[7] and giving the relative positions for the 12 Tribes of Isra’el.

The architecture suggests that it's secrete function is to depict a 4D hyper-cube[8] Placed in Jerusalem - Marking Jerusalem as more exalted than the 3D Qa’ba-cube of Mecca. Its architecture is indeed well designed to support the construction of the hyperspace Merkabas. <slide of 32-Matrix>

The Dome of the Rock completes the correspondence of the walled Old City of Jerusalem with the Seven-Heavens scheme of the Heavenly (or New) Jerusalem to which the souls ascend.[9] The entire Old city, with all its historic phases corresponds to the 1st stage; The Temple Mount with the 2nd; the Dome of the rock raised platform with the 3rd; and the structure of the edifice itself with the 4th-to-the 7th level. <slide of Jerusalem as concentric circles. >


Connecting the Isra’-Mi’raj & the socio-geometric process

The word Mi'raj literally means "ladder" and has to do with stairs or stages.[10]

At each of the seven stages, there was a former prophet[11] who welcomed Moḥammad and apparently joined him for his heavenly quest.

The journey, according to the Sufis, entailed growth in wisdom and knowledge.

Here we make our own flight from the experience of the lonely prophet to the potential mass as cent of his followers, as well as of these other prophets of the Bible and other spiritual traditions, through the medium of special, spiritual types of computer games – the New Jerusalem Games – which could be performed by any number of participants, and whose interactions entail spiritual-social ascent.

The first two of this Mi’araj-stages are individual, experiencing the time dimension of Jerusalem

The 3rd stage, in the context of Jerusalem is at the gates for the door platform, four of which are triple gates and three of which are quadruple gates. These would open only when groups of 3 and 4 learn to act together. 

Then the 4th stage is that of entering from the four cardinal directions.

3 X 4 = 12. The number of 12 is associated with the 12 Tribes of Israel (who are mentioned in the Kur’an), with the Last Supper table and the Twelve Knights of the Round Table. The architecture of the Dome of the Rock calls for placing eight Assembly Round Tables for 12 each – serving for programs of interactions of trios, quartets and of the twelve.

This program is modeled upon the geometry of polyhedrons of increasing dimensionality.




The degree of cohesion formed by groups of participant virtual-pilgrims can be represented by assembling certain geometric structures. For example, a grouping of 12 persons round an “Assembly Round Table” (ART™) can produce a cube with its 12 edges that represent the 12 participants; and eight vertices – representing issues that they have harmonized, joining three perspectives.[12]

The pertinent ascension is along a fifth, ethical-psychosocial Soul dimension – meaning the increase in awareness, and consideration for and attention to other people’s conceptions and to all God’s creation.[13]

In geometric terms, this ascent is an ascent in dimensions (i.e. to the 4th and 5th dimension), and is performed in groups forming mutual Under-Standings.[14]

This geometrical-universal application can be signaled and orchestrated through computer multi-Dimensional imaging, such as in the context of multi-user computer games.

We can go further geometrically: Eight 3D cubes can be assembled into a single 4D hypercube (Tesseract), signifying higher level of integration and coherence – a higher socio-spiritual level. <slide of 4D cubes>



(At this point we can appreciate Kepler’s planetary model with the domain of each planet is bounded by one of the 5 “perfect solids”.) <slide of Kepler spaces>

Such assembly works can go further still. Ten 4D hypercubes can be fitted into one 5D hypercube. Thus the spiritual work of 80 Assembly Round Table 12-person assemblies can crystallize into a single, perfect object. We can then regard the 80 faces of the 5D hypercube as “Heavenly Tablets", representing the new understandings formed between 960 (i.e, about a thousand) people. <slide the picture below>


<slide of the ISra’ from painting>





Appendix A – Further Observations regarding the Isra’-Mi’raj

The Muslim conception of the Isra’ and Mi'raj is based on two authorized Hadith descriptions and a few other Ḥadith compilations, whose authors very likely did not know about the esoteric Jewish traditions – but it seems that Mohammad knew some.  Some of the details of the pertinent Hadith compilations are:

·         At the top there is a celestial Temple - "House of Marmor", where 70,000 new angels go each day.[15]

·         The accepted concept/legend is that the Prophet arrived to Jerusalem (the Isra’) flying the Buraq - a mysterious flying beast, and from there he ascended through the Seven Heavens (the Mi'raj).[16] 

·         What do these Arabic words mean? Literally, the word Isra’ means "getting straight"[17] and the direction is towards Isra’el – and more specifically to Jerusalem-Zion. There is some "Zionist" element in the story.

·         The word Mi’raj literally means “ladder” and has to do with stairs and stages.

·         The flying animal Buraq that carried Mohammad in the Isra’ had to be tied and left (much like the donkey in the Biblical Ạqedah narrative[18]).

·         At some early stage, the prophet's body was opened and his innards and especially his heart were cleansed. (This recalls the practice at the Jerusalem temple, where the sacrificed animals were divided and cleaned. So this makes the Mira'j akin to sequential spiritual sacrifice.)

·         At some later stage he was offered two cups, one containing wine the other milk and the prophet who chose the milk was praised for right choice and allowed to progress.[19]

·         At some stage Allah touched his back and sent him to great tranquility.

·         Moḥammad needed shielding garments made of light to withstand the intense light as he drew close.

·         The journey entails growth in Wisdom and knowledge (Gnostic trait) at each stage


Some further reflections:

·         Zionism, as the movement to Zion is symbolized by the "Star of David" hexagram. Yet the hexagram used to be an important Muslim symbol.[20]

·         In our modern terms, the Isra’ is a movement in 3D space (as great advantage over the mundane surface 2D movement), whereas the Mi'raj entails movement in "higher dimensions".

·         Mohammad's (pbuh) original Isra’ was part and parcel of his first Qibla, the direction of prayer towards Jerusalem (namely Zion), which he followed for the greater half of his ministry, including a year after the Hejira. This was the Qibla where the greater (some would say the better) part of the Koran was received through the Isra’-Qibla.

·         Whether the Isra’-Mi'raj took physical form or not, it became a social fact.

·          What is important is that also the Ultimate Qibla for the al-Qiyama - the Resurrection of the Dead and Day(s) of Judgment) entails the Isra’. (This needs not necessarily be Doomsday, as pursued by the Al-Qaida type of Islam. According to the Koran,[21] it is the occasion for judging over the good deeds performed by members of the different creeds).

·         The Isra’ Axis, from Mecca and Medina to Zion is perpendicular to the Exodus Axis (from the Great Pyramid as mark of Egypt to Jerusalem as mark of Isra’el)

·         Whereas the common Muslim view is that the Mi'raj was a unique event, comparative religious history shows many similar progressions. There are many seven-stage quests in heaven or upon earth. From Shamanic flights to Dante's heavens and hells.

·         This type of spiritual ascent, going by way of Jerusalem, originated in fact with the Jewish mystics after the destruction of the Second Temple. It appropriated the role of the High Priest to the mystics. It practitioners were termed "Yorde haMerkaba" – literally "those who embark, or descend (!) The (heavenly) Chariot and visit the heavenly mansions and receive permission to enter from the angels that guard the gates.

·         The Talmud (preceding Islam) mentions seven heavens, each with a name mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and a set of functions. Talmudic investigation distinguishes the first, lower two as physical and the other higher five as spiritual domains. (This corresponds with the underlying structure of the Old City of Jerusalem, with the first two levels as the Old city and Temple Mount, and the next five at the Dome of the Rock including its raised platform).

[1]  Couliano Ioan P: Out-of-this-World: Otherworldly Journeys from Gilgamesh to Albert Einstein, Shambhala 2001; Devereux, Paul: Shamanism and the Mystery Lines – ‘Ley lines’, spirit paths and out-of-body travel. Quantum Books, 2001.  

[2]  Idel, Moshe: Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders. CEU Press, 2005.

[3]  Nowadays it is widely believed by most Muslims as a factual physical event. But many early Muslim authorities explained it as a visionary mystical out-of-body (shamanic) experience. The prophet's wife testified that he stayed by her side all that night. From our perspective, it makes no difference whether the Night Journey was an actual or visionary (virtual) experience. Its message is much the same. 

[4] He could have been arrived to the 7th heaven accompanied by the angelic guide and at least the eight persons mentioned by name in the Hadith. But it seems likely that there were other people in those heavens - which is the norm for the celestial Heikhalot (mansions/palaces) in the classic Jewish mystical Book of the Zohar

[5] See "The Subtleties of the Ascension – early mystical saints on Muhammad's heavenly Journey". Sulami, Abu-abd al-Rahman. By Fons vitae, 2006.

[6]  Thus also symbolizing transcendence for contemporary Zionism.

[7] The Dome of the Rock contains 44 gates and 56 windows, giving the same 11:14 ratio of the radii of the inner and outer circles of the New Jerusalem Diagram.

[8]  The 16 inner gates, 24 gates of the middle Arcade, 32 figures at the Dome soffit and its 8 sides correspond with the 16 vertices, 32 edges, 24 faces and the eight 3D cubes inside the hypercube.

[9] According to the Zohar Ḥadash for Parashat No’aḥ (the Book of Zohar is the most important Jewish mystical book).

[10] The English and Western connotation of "Mirage" is "an illusion", which stands uneasily with the Arabic Muslim term. The Hebrew translation is Ma'ạlot, like in the Psalms 120-134 and especially 122)

[11] The Islamic tradition assigns the second heaven to two prophets, Jesus and John the Baptist together. This might be a veiled criticism of the establishment churches, recommending earlier forms of Christianity

[12]  This is a variety of a “Team Syntegration” operation proposed by management cybernetician Stafford Beer, see Beer, Stafford: “Beyond dispute, the Invention of Team Syntegrity” Wiley 1994. But whereas Beer practiced with Icosahedra, our design is based on the cube, which is thematically appropriate and allows building hyper-cubes.

[13]  This 5th dimension is called in Sefer Yetzirah Nefesh - Soul – dimension and is along a discreet stages of: Nefesh (vital soul); Ru’ah (intellectual soul, related to speech and social performance); Neshamah

[14] We shall use a sequence of geometrical figures that include: 1) the Ka'ba-Cube; 2) the Merkaba structure; 3) The New Jerusalem Diagram; 4) The Assembly Round Tables (ARTtm); 5) The Dome of the Rock depiction of a hypercube; 6) the 4D hypercube and 7) The 5D hyper-cube. These will be illustrated by a PowerPoint appendix.

[15] This would give 70,000 x 365 = 25,550,000 per yearly throughput. In the Jerusalem HEJERA games angels may get produced as product of the peoples' merits and accomplishment in this quest.

[16]  Nowadays it is widely believed as a physical event. But many early authorities explained it as a visionary mystical out-of-body (shamanic) experience. The prophet's wife testified that he stayed by her side all that night. From our perspective, it makes no difference whether the Night Journey was an actual or visionary (virtual) experience. Its message is much the same. 

[17]  The five-times-daily Muslim prayer says "let us be among those who walk the straight path" (al Mustaqin)

[18]  There are other fascinating points of intersection of the Biblical story of Abraham (and Isaac) with Moḥammad's Night Journey, including the heavenly ascent from the place of the future Jerusalem.

[19] There are many aspects worth discussing. Why was milk – the animal product – preferred to the wine of the vine? Was it correction to Noah's drunkenness? Or to reclaim Abel's merit for the nomadic Arabs?

[20]  According to an esteemed eye-witness, the inside space of the Ka'ba is decorated only with hexagrams.

[21]  Koran admits different religious rites, and urges us to emulate in good works - Cow 143; Table 53; Pilgrimage 66


5D NAVIGATION in Heavenly Space: RE-VISIONING The Universal ISRA’ - Peace Proposals - Dome of the Rock - Computer Games

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