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Developing Messianic Technology

Dr Yitzḥaq ḤayutMan 07.10.2013 22:47
Developing Messianic Technology - New Israel - Messiah - Computer Games - world redemption

Personal Messiah claims vs. the Messianic group and even Nation. How "Messiah" really means server and conversation-promoter. Examples of MEssianic technologies.

The Case for Messianic Technology
Dr Yitzaq ayutMan, cyber-architect

Years ago, when I had my studio at the Jerusalem Old City, I used to meet many (let us say a dozen) men (and one woman), Jews and Christians who declared themselves to be the Messiah. I found out that they tend to become self-destructing ego-maniacs who have had some experience but do not know how to really work with others. However, this does not negate the importance of “the Messianic” and the Messianic Corpus (for Catholics “Corpus Christi”, for Jews Knesset Yisra'el, or simply “Israel”). There is a possibility that would-be world-servants would join into a Messianic-Holy Nation. That is what Hugh Schonfield’s legacy is about (see also additional article and cause group).

In discussions in the social network we came upon Jacque Derrida’s concept of “The Messianic” (and "Messianicity") and started discussions about developing a technology for “Assembly Round Tables” (ART™) and ideas about other technologies. It seems to me that engagement in the development of a “Messianic Technology” would be much safer, as well as more productive and commendable, than declaring “I Am the Messiah”. In order to clarify the issues, it would be a good idea to go back and check what the word “Messiah” originally meant and literally means.

The English term “Messiah” is phonetically close to the Hebrew word Messayeạ (מסייע) - which means “assistant” or “helper” (this can be elevated to “Savior”). The original Hebrew word is Mashi’aḥ (משיח), which means “anointed” – and the assistance rendered by messianic is the lubricating and smoothing of the grit and rust which impede human interactions. Also there is a meaning suggested by the duality of the Hebrew letter S’hin (with top dot to the right) or Sin (to the left). So a legitimate reading of משיח is “conversing” or “promoting conversation" (Siḥah שיחה -”).

In traditional Christian thinking (literally “Messianic” thinking), the Messiah comes to redeem humankind from the “Original Sin” connected with the “Tree of Knowledge”. The original sin concept eventually also entered Judaism, but was refined in the Kabbalah to an impatience in “cutting out the shoots” (Kiẓuẓ baNeti’ọt) – of separating the fruit from the entire plant without conducting a Sabbatical. According to my understanding of Genesis the Genesis text is written in future tense and is about what was once seen for the future (the Sixth Millennium of Creation), which would by now be the present time. So the very incident of the “Tree of Knowledge” is what is happening in the world right now.

The “Tree of Knowledge” is the burgeoning of Science and all that feeds into it, whereas the “Fruit of Science” is Technology. Nowadays there is runaway development of technology driven by greed and disrespect of the tree it issues from in ways that endanger the entire earth (the punishment of Adam-Humankind - “cursed will be the Adamah (the Living Earth) for thy sake” {Gen 3:17}). Messianic Technology is that which would be corrective of the Adamic Technocratic sin.  


Below are a few project ideas concerning “Messianic Technology” which I’ve conceived, a couple of them being in the initial development stages at the Merkaz Har[1] Ltd.

A – Conversation-Promoting Technologies:

·    Assembly Round Tables” (ART™), with special mat that would turn ad-hoc tables into ceremonial Round Tables with interactive signaling, based on leading cybernetic methods and on Kabbalah concepts, for conducting productive conversations in any area of contention or team mission.

·    SagaCT Crowns” that work as online EEG monitoring and display (e.g. by illuminated LEDs) the participants’ spiritual attainment.

·     Mashi’aḥ Lotions” that sort of “lubricate the grit and rust” that impede human interactions.

B – Technologies for Assembling the Messianic Corpus

·     Launching a “Techno-Messianic Network” (TMN™?) for discussing and promoting Messianic Technologies.

·    Massive Computer Games System for the Old & New Jerusalem, featuring a compatible version of “The Second Coming”

·     The Holographic New Jerusalem Tabernacle that could be switched on at any location and eventually be located above the Jerusalem Temple Mount. This virtual edifice would give a dynamic 3D display of “The State of Humankind”, serving as feedback for the Messianic endeavor.




[1] Merkaz Har literally means “Centre Mount”. The company was founded by my father as a real estate business when I was a young child. I’ve added to it some IP. 

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