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Call for Establishing UNIVERSAL NEW ISRAEL (UNI)

Yitzhaq Hayut -Man &David Woolfson 05.09.2014 02:56
Call for Establishing UNIVERSAL NEW ISRAEL (UNI) - Tribes of Israel - Bible - Israel - Jewish Future - Peace Proposals - New Israel

A short outline of the Aims, Goals, Means, location and constituency of the ideal and universal New Israel - which is actually its original prophetic vision.

Call for Establishing, U&I,
A Universal New Israel

Yitzhaq Hayut-Man, Ph.D cyber-architect
David Woolfson, Futurist-advocate

The State of Israel is stuck. Both its dwindling Left and exclusively-Jewish Right are stuck. Israel has lost the Biblical universal mission of Israel as enlightened Servant Nation for Humankind.

We call upon all people, of all religions, cultures and nations worldwide who would love to be counted as “Israelites” (“The Righteous People of God”)  to come forth to re-establish the Universal, Holistic Israel, with its full constituency of 12 Nations (or "Tribes"). This short article outlines the Aims, Goals, 

Aims (Why):

   To form a global unified (12-fold) Messianic Body that aims to fulfill the Biblical Plan for Global Redemption. This was the plan of the Biblical patriarchs and prophets – including the “genuine Jesus” – and its modern vision of Hugh J. Schonfield - of a global "Servant Nation".

The need to create a novel Universal Zionism that is not exclusively Jewish.

Goals (What):

To heal the roots of the Jewish-Christian Schism, as well as the Muslim-Christian and Muslim-Jewish schisms.

To develop the universal 12-Tribe structure of Knesset Yisrael - the Holystic (whole/holist) Israel. Untie the exclusiveness of Judaism and Zionism to make Judah a blessing for his brothers (Gen. 49:8). 

To establish at the center of the Earth's continents, in Jerusalem, a House of Prayer and moral-spiritual Ascent for all Nations and for disseminating the Universal teachings.

Means (How, with What?):

Develop a rich and attractive Training-Gaming System of the Old and New Jerusalem. {Yitz}

Formulate and promote the "Israelite Conversion" (IC), whereby Palestinians who identify with Israel would become equal-rights Israeli citizen. As for the rest of the Palestinians, they should be able to choose to become residents under Israeli jurisdiction (enjoying more civil rights than in any Arab country).

Accept those who would follow the footsteps of the genuine historical Jewish Jesus, and identify with his redemptive plan for Israel as either (virtual) New Israelite Tribes or as Israeli residents.

Form the virtual Spiritual Kenesset Yisrael that would monitor the actions of the political Israeli Knesset and point out the prophetic alternatives.

As the initial local conflicts get settled, the Holist Israel would engage in healing the Nations.

Location (Where?)

Above and inside the existing Jerusalem Old City - the center of the Earth's continents – add the globally-accessed Virtual New Jerusalem as spiritual playground and Interfaith-Interface .

Like-minded communities worldwide

Constituency  (Who?)
Biblically inspired concerned World Citizens. These may be called the "Children of Abraham"

[1]  Abraham had eight sons (Gen. 25:1-6). Those who came to represent Judaism, Christianity and Islam are two of the eight (Ishmael and Isaac-Yitzḥaq). So there is room for many other cultures, especially from Southern and Eastern Asia, where those children apparently went to. 

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