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Dr. Yitzḥaq Ḥayut-Man Genesis 49 10.10.2016 23:44
Re-GENESIS - The VITAL LESSON FOR FUTURE ISRAEL - New Israel - Bible study - Utopian writings - Tribes of Israel - Jewish Future - Israel - Bible - Book of Genesis

How can Jacob's blessing for Judah (Gen 49:8) be the solution to Israel's most crucial problems, and why Jews might need to confess on the Day of Atonement about disregard to other Tribes of Israel.

The Vital Lesson for our Time
Final portion of the reGenesis Now Project,
chapter 12, the 
VaYeḥi portion (Gen 47-50).

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In our time there has survived "The Jewish People" and part of the prophecies were fulfilled in establishing the State of Israel – but by no means all the prophecies have been fulfilled. The modern State of Israel has its dire political and identity problems. This is evident from the struggle to make Israel a "Jewish and Democratic State". From a global perspective "Jewish Israel" seems exclusive; perhaps even "an Apartheid State". From the Biblical perspective it is commonly thought that the Torah gives the Jewish state called Israel the right (even obligation) to absorb the entire regions of Judea and Samaria (called by the opponents of the Jewish settlements "The West Bank"). On the other hand, most Jewish Israelis are sorely afraid of the formation of an Arab-Palestinian majority within the State of Israel and thus opt for "the Two-State Solution" – which for the majority of Israelis seems too dangerous. This conundrum drives many Israelis to soul-searching which may lead identity question – who, or even what, is a Jew – and who, or even what, is an Israeli.

Can the Torah help solve the conundrum that is seems to have created? Actually, the Torah teaches us that 'Jewish'' and 'Israeli' are distinct. 'Jewish' derives from 'Judaic', which derives from Judah – and Judah (as a tribe) is necessarily a part and not the whole of 'Israel'. The sin of Judah, which should be atoned in Yom Kippur is that we Jews seem unable to conceive what the Torah shows us – that "Israel" should be a confederation of Twelve "Tribes" – of which Judah, the Jewish People (by some qualification) is a part (whether this part may be one, or three or six or seven of the "Tribes"). Israel's president Rubi Rivlin has already publically suggested that the contemporary State of Israel comprises of four tribes – three Jewish and one Arab. But the Biblical message is that there are – or need be – more "tribes", up to a dozen (or actually thirteen). The transgression of us Jews is the exclusiveness, not seeking our non-Jewish Israelite brothers as Genesis tells about Judah: "And it came to pass at that time, that Yehudah went down from his brothers"(Gen 38:1). Judah (Yehudah) had made his confession (hoda'ah) – "she has been more righteous than I" (3:26).

Now that we have learnt the vaYeḥi portion we can see the bright future possible for Judah/Jewish People – if only he (and us Jews) heed the first verse in Ya'ạqov's true blessing for Judah - "Yehudah thou art he whom thy brethren praise (or rather 'thank' - Yodukha)". But then, there is a paradox here – as long as Yehudah recognizes no brothers then he cannot fulfill his destiny.


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