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Ap. 1-C The NEW JERUSALEM DIAGRAM in the First Verse of GENESIS

Yitzhaq Hayut-Man 12.03.2010 06:23
Ap. 1-C The NEW JERUSALEM DIAGRAM in the First Verse of GENESIS - Book of Genesis - Jerusalem - Bible - Bible study

Appendix: The New Jerusalem Diagram (NJD) of ancient Cosmology; First hint of the NJD in the number of letters in the 1st word and 1st verse of Genesis enfold the NJD.

The Re-GENESIS Project, Appendix 'C': 

The New Jerusalem Diagram 

in the First Verse of Genesis

"The New Jerusalem Diagram" is the name given by the earth mysteries researcher John Michell to a diagram that facilitates "squaring the Circle" and its division to 28 equal segments, and the ritual placement of the twelve constellations in the pattern of four camps of three tribes each on the four sides of the circle. Michell claimed that this diagram served the design of many ancient sacred sites, including the Great Pyramid of Gize and Stonehenge in England, and is hinted and enfolded, he claims, in the description of the holy city, The New Jerusalem, whose descent from heaven concludes the Christian Bible.

In the first verse Genesis, made of seven Hebrew words and 28 letters, it says: "Bereshit bara Elohim et haShamayim vet haAreẓ". In these words is hinted the secret of geometry (namely of measuring the earth) of heaven and earth. In the ancient world, the skys were considered as circle or dome and the earth as a square or a cube.[1] The desired harmony between heaven and earth was conceived as a geometric riddle of harmonizing the circle and the square, as well as between the cube and the dome. The problem with "squaring the circle" is that the square represent "rational" relations between its components (that is, they divide into the ration between whole and finite numbers), whereas the circle represents "irrational" relations (the ratio between its elements, the circumference and the diameter, is infinite) and is expressed by the symbol π. It is therefore impossible to draw a square and a circle that have exactly the same circumference (or area). Yet there is a rational approximation that is good enough for a drawing or a physical construction -  the approximation of 22/7 => π. With this approximation, the circumference of a square whose length and its breadth are 22 units (22x4 = 88) equals the circumference of a circle whose diameter (d) is 28 units (d π = 28 X 22/7 = 88. What is striking is that these numbers – 28, 7 and 22 – are hinted and enfolded in the first verse of Genesis.

The construction of this diagram starts with the attempt to "square the circle" by drawing a circle and a square that have the same circumference. So in building this sacred diagram, one starts with a circle with a diameter of 22 units, and blocks it with a square of 22x22 units (like the number of the Hebrew letters, with which supposedly "heaven and earth were made"). Then one draws from the same centre an additional circle whose diameter is 28 units – "the perfect number" that is already the number of the letters in the first verse of genesis and marks the circle of the seasons. The circle with diameter 28 has circumference of π x  28, which is as noted 22/7 x 28 = 88 – just the circumference of the square with edges of 22 and circumference thus 2 x 22 = 88. The circle and the square have the same circumference, and they intersect in 8 points, where the square juts out of the circle in 4 vertices.

1-C: The NEW JERUSALEM DIAGRAM in the First Verse of GENESIS - Book of Genesis - Jerusalem - Bible - Bible study

The building of the complete pattern continues with the drawing of 12 circles with diameter of 6 units – the number of letters in the first word of Genesis – Bereshit – as the first "perfect number". The centers of these twelve circles are situated on the outer big circle, whose diameter is 28, and they touch (are tangent to) the inner circle, whose diameter is 22. Four of these circles are situated according to the points were the square is tangent to the inner circle, and the other 8 circles are placed according to the 8 points of intersection between the square and the outer circle. There are two amazing consequences of this construction: (a) This construction divides the circle into 28 equal segments; and (b) the ratio of 22;6, which issues theoretical-geometrical considerations is also the exact real ratio between the diameter of the earth and the diameter of the moon!

[1] E.g. "Round Sky and Square Earth (Tian Yuan Di Fang): Ancient Chinese Geographical Thought and its Influence".



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