TheHOPE ~ התקווה
The New Vision 
for Israel & Zion

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The TWO Faces of MESSIA nism

Explanation of the (Jewish) Two Messiah scheme according to Rav Kook's insights. Messiah Son of Joseph as attending to the national/particular aspects and Messiah Son of David to the universal/spiritual aspects of the redemption.

John Michell The dimensions of Paradise
The Ancient and Future Cosmology
The Ancient and Future Cosmology

John Michell, the master writer on Sacred Geometry and secret history, summarizes the desirable realization of the Heavenly Jerusalem and our work towards this.

The Case for Messianic Technology Dr Yitzḥaq ḤayutMan  
The SEVEN-HEAVENS Scheme in the TALMUD Talmud Bavly Hagigah - Soncino edition  
SPACE-AGE APOCALYPSE Script Peter Lemesurier  
HEAVENLY JERUSALEM, its Invocation and modern Function John Michell The Dimensions of Paradise
A Fair Description of The DOME of the ROCK Richard Ettinghausen and Oleg Grabar, The Art and Architecture of Islam 650-1250 (pp.28-34): Yale University Press, New Haven and London
Jerusalem: The Scandal of Particularity Norman Podhoretz Commentary Magazine July/August 2007
Pros and Cons for Building the JERUSALEM TEMPLE

Who needs the Temple? The Meaning of the Temple for Observant Jews, for Reform and Conservative Judaism, for Secular Jews; The Temple as a National Enterprise & the Possible Meaning of the Temple to All Peoples

Israel Zangwill:

Zangwill's classic discusses the thorny issue of "The Chosen People".

OLD-NEW ISRAEL Dr. Yitzḥaq Ḥayut-Man  
I WILL BUILD AGAIN Hugh Joseph Schonfield  
UNI - A UNIVERSAL NEW ISRAEL Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man, cyber-architect  

The expanded text of my slide-show at the Interrnational Space Development Conference (San Diego May 2013). Illustrations may be added inthe course of time and the slide-show would be developed into a video.

The Politics of God – Epilogue

ending of Hugh Schonfield's historic book " of " calling for formation of holy Service Nation; A Guide for next move.

Disarming the Iranian Bomb Game Dr Yitzḥaq Ḥayut-Man  
Survey of "The HEJERA Games" Yitzḥaq (Isaac) Ḥayut-Man  
"The HEJERA GAMES" Introduction Yitzḥaq (Isaac) Ḥayut-Man  
PLAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man, cyber-architect  
Rav KOOK: A LOVE For The WORLD Rav Kook; transl. Rabbi B.Z. Bokser  
CYBER - ZIONISM Dr. Moshe Dror  
Rav Kook on Relating Israel and Humankind - 2 Translated by Itzhaq Marmorstein; comments by Yitzhaq Hayut-Man  
ISRAEL AND HUMANKIND according to RAV KOOK Rav Kook, Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein & Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man  
JOSEPH & His BROTHERS - lessons from four Haftarot

The relationship between Joseph and his brothers, as reflected in the Haftarot of the last four portions of Genesis, spells an important instruction for contemporary Israel.