No Power Plant For Lakeview 07/17/2008 08:27
No Power Plant For Lakeview

Put down your pitchforks - plans have been quashed to build a power plant in Lakeview. On Friday, the McGuinty government announced that an electricity plant would not be built on the waterfront, to the delight of that community.

"We're growing the future of Ontario's waterfront," George Smitherman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, said at a press conference.

" It's possible because together we're meeting tomorrow's energy needs through renewable energy and conservation, and we're ensuring reliability with new and much, much cleaner natural gas in areas where demand is growing," he continued.

In a press release,Charles Sousa, MPP for Mississauga South, praised the move.

"Ruling out Lakeview as a site for this new gas plant is an important moment in the history of our community," Sousa described.

"Many people in our community have worked hard for this, and now we can continue to work together on the next chapter, to revitalize our waterfront."