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Toronto hit by blackout after transformer fire

Cameron French Yahoo! News 07/05/2010
Toronto hit by blackout after transformer fire

A fire at a Toronto transformer station knocked out power to much of the city on Monday, snarling traffic in the midst of a blistering heatwave, but appearing to have little impact on financial markets.

Tainted Smarties box reported in Burlington

A tampered box of Smarties from Halloween candy loot has been reported in Burlington. Sgt. Stephanie Jamieson of Halton Regional Police's Burlington detachment told on Friday that a mother had found a cold tablet in a sealed box of t...

Pickering girl finds flu tablet in Halloween treat

Durham police are warning parents to carefully look over their children's Halloween candy after a young student found a DayQuil tablet in her sealed Smarties box.

Woman dies in Toronto car crash, but body not found for hours

TORONTO — Police say a woman who died in an overnight car crash in Toronto's east end spent hours in a wooded area before her vehicle and body were discovered.

Cameraman hit during live TV report in Toronto

A camera operator was hit this morning in a traffic accident during a live report on a Toronto television network. The CP24 cameraman was filming former provincial police officer Cam Woolley about flooding caused by a water-main break.

Ben Johnson, Charlie Francis, former Ont. premiers mourn judge Dubin

TORONTO — Charles Dubin, who was best known for heading a groundbreaking inquiry into drug use in amateur sport, was remembered Wednesday at his funeral service as a "giant" in the legal profession, and for his fair and decent treatment of others.

T.O. Public Health Issues Warning After Restaurant Food Handler Develops Hepatitis A

Toronto Public Health has issued a warning after a worker at a local restaurant tested positive for Hepatitis A. The patient worked as a food handler at the Sushi Haru located at 635 College St. and officials are worried because his job involved c...

Former MP Nunziata charged with assaulting ex-wife's boyfriend

JOSH WINGROVE The Globe and Mail 10/22/2008
Former MP Nunziata charged with assaulting ex-wife's boyfriend

Former Member of Parliament and Toronto mayoral candidate John Nunziata was charged with assault yesterday after his ex-wife's boyfriend claimed he was kicked by Mr. Nunziata, who today plans to pursue counter-charges.

One dead in two-alarm Toronto blaze

One man is dead after a two-alarm blaze in west-end Toronto. Firefighters were called to a residence on Dundas Street in the Junction at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Vote results means Toronto won't have seat in cabinet

Final results show the Conservatives under Stephen Harper made significant gains in the GTA in Tuesday's election, but failed to crack the Liberal stronghold in the city of Toronto. By Wednesday morning all the votes had been counted in the close ...

Flaherty, Rae, Ignatieff Among Prominent Victors

Conservative Jim Flaherty and Liberal Bob Rae are among the high-profile contenders who both held onto their seats in the federal election.

Layton re-elected in Toronto

Mike De Souza Calgary Herald 10/15/2008
Layton re-elected in Toronto

TORONTO - NDP Leader Jack Layton urged Canada's major parties Tuesday to set aside their differences and work together in the newly-elected Parliament for the good of all Canadians.

Liberals hold Toronto, but Conservatives make gains in 905

Five weeks of campaigning, thousands of phone calls, hand shakes and all-candidates meetings have failed to change much when it comes to federal politics in the GTA. A few more Conservatives will head to Ottawa from the country's most populous reg...

NDP loses grip on downtown Toronto

The NDP may have gained seats across Ontario but it has lost part of its grip on downtown Toronto. Over in Parkdale-High Park, the NDP lost a star member.

Toronto voters briefly confounded when polling station turns out to be torn down

TORONTO — Some voters in Toronto showed up to cast ballots in the federal election only to find the address they'd been directed to no longer exists.

Toronto's 2015 Pan-Am Games bid well received in Mexico

Premier Dalton McGuinty says he believes Toronto has a "really good chance'' of scoring hosting duties for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Layton targets four Liberal seats in Toronto

Ben O'Hara Byrne, Glenn Johnson The Vancouver Sun 10/14/2008
Layton targets four Liberal seats in Toronto

ETOBICOKE, Ont. - NDP Leader Jack Layton is staying grounded for the final day of the campaign, choosing a bus tour of Toronto-area targeted ridings, instead of the cross-country marathons of past elections.

Tory candidate must yank 'defamatory' flyer: judge

OTTAWA -- A Toronto Liberal incumbent has won a court injunction ordering his Conservative rival to yank a defamatory campaign flyer that alleges he has a poor attendance record.

Two men killed as van crashes into lake

LISA PRIEST The Globe and Mail 10/13/2008
Two men killed as van crashes into lake

Toronto Police are probing a suspicious accident that has killed two young men after the minivan they were in crashed into Lake Ontario. An autopsy conducted yesterday showed the two men, George Ngo and Colman Leung, both 22 and both of Toronto, d...

Plenty of surprises ahead in Toronto ridings

Francesco Veronesi Corriere Tandem 10/10/2008
Plenty of surprises ahead in Toronto ridings

With just one week to go before the national elections, the battle for the Toronto electorate has begun. The lines along which the electoral games will be played out in Toronto involve 22 ridings, three parties with a realistic chance of winning a...

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