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Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff
Seen in London

Well put - Can they Deny it?

Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff
Two Different Versions

Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff
Marking Israeli goods

Following the EU's instruction to mark Israeli goods

Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff


Blogosphere sacred cows By Rafe Needleman webware.com
Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass, Speech, April 1886 US abolitionist (1817 - 1895)
New Buchanan book declares: 'END OF AMERICA' Source: Drudgereport Patrick Buchanan
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Irony # 5 Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff  
Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff
The state of the world

Got it from U

Lt.-Col. Shimon Mendes, The IDF (Ret.)
Was the Yom Kippur War Preventable?
President Anwar Sadat

The late Mrs. Meir, who had done her utmost to prevent the war * As it becomes clear that saw further, her eagerness to prevent the war had helped Mr. Anwar Sadat enormously to surprise Israel in 1973

Women's Spring" – A New Peace Initiative
Future peace

Future peace agreement must include the mutual engagement of both parties for civil anchors the women's rights in particular and human rights in general.

Pod sweet pod: capsule rooms hit Hong Kong

Space-starved Hong Kong has long been plagued by high rents and steep hotel rates, vexing university students and tourists alike. But help may be at hand, thanks to one Hong Kong firm: tiny pods stacked up in tiers to create capsule lodgings at lo...

There Are Still Protesters Outside Dolce & Gabbana's Hong Kong Boutique

Earlier this month, security staff at Dolce & Gabbana's Hong Kong boutique reportedly barred Hong Kong natives from taking photos of the store — while not enforcing similar rules on tourists or (wealthy) mainland Chinese residents. Protests ensued...

Hong Kong Issues Advice On RMB Investment Products

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has published a list of frequently asked questions on its website to help investors understand the key features and risks specific to a new class of investment products which directly invest in m...

Hong Kong Leads Euromonitor's Top City Destinations Ranking

Hong Kong is now the top tourist destination worldwide trumping London, which held the leading seat in previous rankings, according to Euromonitor International's latest Top 100 City Destinations Ranking.

Enoch Yiu South China Morning Post
London in HK link-up to trade in yuan
London in HK link-up to trade in yuan

Hong Kong will help London develop as the next offshore yuan trading centre, shrugging off traditional competition between the two cities as part of a broader plan to boost international usage of the currency.

Girls' Generation wraps up successful solo concert in Hong Kong

Girls’ Generation have successfully completed their solo concert in Hong Kong!

Thousands of workers protest at Sanyo's China plant

Thousands of Chinese workers protesting over compensation and job security at a Sanyo Electric Co Ltd plant clashed with police in southern Shenzhen, media said on Monday, the latest outbreak of labor unrest in China's manufacturing hub.

The Ultimate Spa Experience Awaits at The-Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Located on the 116th floor of the International Commerce Centre, enjoy the ultimate in pampering at the renowned ESPA Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. Whether a romantic escape for two, gift to yourself, or preparing for a special occasion, exp...

Hong Kong Gallerist Ben Brown on the City's Growing Yen for Western Art

Although he was a native of Hong Kong, when Ben Brown decided to open an art gallery, he chose London rather than his home town for his first venture. When Ben Brown Fine Arts opened its doors in London’s Cork Street back in 2004, Hong Kong still ...

Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Available by 2013

Annual flu shots might soon become a thing of the past, and threats such as avian and swine flu might disappear with them as a vaccine touted as the "holy grail" of flu treatment could be ready for human trials next year.

Source: John Edwards has life-threatening heart condition

A federal judge disclosed Friday that former presidential candidate John Edwards has a life-threatening heart condition, a court source confirmed to CNN.

Email in your eye? Next-generation video screen glasses could lay messages or GPS over your field of vision

As advances in computer technology make gadgets ever smaller and more portable the idea of carrying a screen of any kind could soon be outdated. Consumer products with screens have dropped in size from computer to laptop to tablet via phone. But o...

DANA DiFILIPPO Philadelphia Daily News
Woman says her fake penis got her fired
Woman says her fake penis got her fired

IS THAT a Fruit-A-Freeze in your pocket - or are you just happy to see me? A northeastern Pennsylvania woman is suing a South Jersey-based maker of frozen treats and other snack foods, claiming that she was wrongfully fired because she wore a pros...

Silent film hopes to make noise at US Globes

Silent French-directed film "The Artist" hopes to make a lot of noise at the Golden Globes on Sunday, aiming to add to a string of awards and nominations ahead of the all-important Oscars.

Cops Believe North Carolina Inmate Hid 10-Inch Revolver In His Rectum. Luckily, It Was Unloaded.

A man arrested this week in North Carolina may have stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum, according to police, who reported that the unloaded 10-inch weapon was not discovered until after the suspect had been booked into a cell in the count...

Hong Kong Failed Land Sale Heightens Concern Home Prices May Fall Further

The Hong Kong government yesterday withdrew the tender for a property project at a subway station and sold another site for less than estimated, underscoring concerns that home prices in the city may fall further.

Record snow in Anchorage as Alaskan communities run out of shovels following 27ft snowfall... and there's more to come!

Weary Alaskans woke up to another heavy snowfall as Anchorage experiences its snowiest period since records began, causing more headaches in coastal areas already struggling to dig out.

UK tabloid owner says hacking probe damaging newspapers

Daily Express owner Richard Desmond, one of Britain's most controversial media barons, condemned the official inquiry into media standards on Thursday as "the worst thing" to happen to newspapers.

Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday

The remainder of the crippled Phobos-Grunt spacecraft is set to crash to Earth on Sunday following its botched mission to Mars, space experts have said.

Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

Recently, India has launched a nationwide program involving the allocation of a Unique Identification Number (UID) to every single one of its 1.2 billion residents. Each of the numbers will be tied to the biometric data of the recipient using thre...

Sex gets better with age say scientists

Sex really does get better with age because older women get satisfaction from physical closeness, research has found.

Ricky Gervais rips 'artless' H'wood

Ricky Gervais seems ready to give Hollywood an even worse scorching this Sunday when he hosts the Golden Globes against the backdrop of Occupy Wall Street.

Guy Collins and Frederik Balfour BusinessWeek
Bordeaux Faces Price Test at $23 Million Hong Kong Auction
Bordeaux Faces Price Test at $23 Million Hong Kong Auction

Prices of top Bordeaux such as Chateau Lafite-Rothschild and Chateau Petrus may drop further at Hong Kong sales this month as demand declines on concern about economic weakness and financial-market volatility.

Parents Furious Over Apparent Use Of ‘Scream Rooms’ Inside Connecticut Elementary School

Parents in a Connecticut suburb are outraged over disturbing disciplinary actions at a local elementary school. They claim students are being locked in unsupervised “scream rooms,” where some children have harmed themselves, reports CBS 2’s Hazel ...

Detroit unsure over the future of green cars

The US auto industry remains unsold over the future of "green cars" such as electrics and hybrids, as carmakers struggle with the first steps in a market most agree shows promise over the long term.

US lawmakers accuse Facebook of ducking questions on its privacy practices

Reps. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Texas) accused Facebook of evading questions about whether it tracks users in order to deliver targeted ads on Monday.

Four ex-players sue NFL alleging brain damage

Four former National Football League players, including two Pro Bowl players, sued the league over brain injuries that they say left them facing medical problems years after their careers ended.

How British helped one-legged Chinese admiral make great escape from Second World War Hong Kong

It was one of the greatest escapes of the Second World War, by more than 60 British servicemen and a one-legged Chinese admiral who slipped out of Hong Kong and broke through Japanese lines to freedom.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) Plans Launch of RedeeME, a New Upscale Group Buying Website

South China Morning Post revealed its plans to launch a new luxury discount offer website, targeting the discerning and upscale tastes of its typical readership profile.

Satellite Takes Picture of Chinese Carrier on the Move

DigitalGlobe Inc., a commercial satellite company, said Wednesday that it took a photograph of China’s first aircraft carrier during a sea trial in the Yellow Sea, off the Chinese coast.

Parisa Hafezi and Hashem Kalantari Reuters
Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike
Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike

The threat of military strikes on Iran has upturned the quiet and comfortable lives once enjoyed by many Iranians, ushering in a new era of struggle and fear.

Scotland Shut Down By Icy 165mph Blasts

A fierce storm with winds of up to 165mph has battered northern parts of Britain, with people warned to stay indoors, schools forced to close and flights and rail links cancelled.

Pope ends Africa trip with giant mass in voodoo heartland

Pope Benedict XVI ended his second trip to Africa on Sunday with a mass for tens of thousands in the voodoo heartland of Benin and by issuing a grand vision for his Church's future on the continent.