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Kiteboarding Asia

Mike Blue Lagoon Kiteboarding Pattaya 20.09.2008
Kiteboarding Asia

Blue lagoon kiteboarding, Kiteboarding is the latest and greatest sport. It can be practiced anywhere that has a large enough body of water. Pattaya is an excellent place to start your kiteboarding activities with shallow beaches and light onshore...

How to tell your farang Husband you want a divorce

Sometimes marriages between Thai women and their Farang husbands don‘t work out so well, when this happens, people consider getting a divorce. But how do you tell him that you want a divorce? The answers are only some ideas:

How to avoid danger during civil unrest

Pattaya Daily News 03.09.2008
How to avoid danger during civil unrest

Each year thousands of people around the world are killed or injured in riots or other forms of civil unrest. Civil unrest can occur just about anywhere where there are enough people. The best way to stay safe during these disturbances is to avoid...

Bad news for Thai visa seekers in Penang

Visa seekers to Penang will have to stay two nights minimum now. Air Asia has withdrawn the early 7.25 a.m. flight, perhaps because of fuel cost savings, and fly from Bangkok only at 13.55 returning at 17.05.

Law Clinic aimed at Foreigners Rights here in Thailand takes place at Town-in-Town Hotel

On Monday Morning at the Town-in-Town Hotel in Central Pattaya, Dr. Wit, Director of the Prosecutors Office Region 2, opened a 1 day Law Clinic which concentrated on Legal Information for Foreigners in Thailand. Representatives from the Office of ...

Gone Fishing: Pattaya Expats Club Day Trip

Members of the Finnish section of the Pattaya Expats Club together with the Mask and Finns Diving School, Jomtien, organized a special day out for the children of the Mercy Centre on the morning of the 12th July to enjoy a Fishing and Snorkeling d...

Pattaya immigration 90 day rule change

PATTAYA immigration, Jomtien soi 5, has announced with immediate effect that long stay foreigners needing to report their address every 90 days must now bring written proof of their address. In the past, they have simply filled in a form confirmin...

Bikers Heaven: Big Bike and Sound Show

The area in front of Bali Hai Pier was the place for bike lovers to go to on the afternoon of the 5th July to take part in the latest show to hit Pattaya, the Big Bike and Sound System Show.

Sattahip mechanic promotes DIY motorbike-sidecar taxi

Nuttaphumin, Sirithanon Pattaya Daily News 05.07.2008
Sattahip mechanic promotes DIY motorbike-sidecar taxi

An ingenious Sattahip mechanic has just come up with a novel way to beat the deepening economic doldrums, he is making a DIY motorcycle sidecar carrier out of scrap metal parts. Apparently, his novel solution is attracting a lot of local interest.

Looking for a cheap property? The Legal Execution Department of Pattaya has the answer

At the Mantra Pura Resort in North Pattaya, Khun Rachanee , Director of the Pattaya branch of the Legal Execution Department, a division of the Ministry of Finance, chaired a meeting to discuss how the Department can raise its profile here in Patt...

The Land of the Smiles

Megan Styles Thailand Travel Suite 101 18.12.2007

Ever wondered why Thailand attracts so many travelers and tourists? This article gives a brief introduction to some of the highlights of the South East Asian country.

The 'Land of Smiles' ?

Into Asia Into Asia 18.12.2007

ravel brochures often portrays Thailand as the happy-go-lucky 'Land of Smiles', an impression the Tourism Authority of Thailand are more than happy to go along with. Most visitors will even see a sign welcoming them to the 'Land of Smile' (sic) in...

Street Food in My Area

Panrit "Gor" Daoruang Thailand Life 13.12.2007

Usually, my girlfriend and I go out to the local Namdaeng market to buy some fresh food (vegetables and meat) and then come back to cook together at home.

Street Food In Thailand

Panrit "Gor" Daoruang Thailand Life 13.12.2007

Clubs & Meetings in Thailand

Mark Prado Thailand Guru 13.12.2007

One of the best things about Bangkok is its international element. You meet a lot of expats from different parts of the world, of course the vast majority of them not from your own country. (I came from the highly educated and more international c...

Quality Thai Girlfriend Relationships

Mark Prado Thailand Guru 13.12.2007

Successful relationships come down to shared values and interests. You can't change anyone. They must naturally have these values and interests already. Honesty and openness are vital to a good relationship. However, they are not sufficient ...

Mainstream Thai Girlfriends

Mark Prado Thailand Guru 13.12.2007

Mainstream Thai Girlfriends From my experience, regardless of culture, humans have more in common than they have differences. However, there are cultural differences, and some can mean some serious issues. Many differences are subcultural rathe...

The 10 Commandments of Thai Love

Stephen Cleary Thai blogs 12.12.2007

The 10 Commandments of Thai Love Written by Stephen Cleary The wonderfully caring Ministry of Culture has just launched '10 Commandments of Love' in an attempt to prevent teenagers getting too carried away on Valentine's Day and getting up ...

Thai Language 07.12.2007
Thai Language

As much as you might like Thailand there remains one significant problem, the language. For us Westerns it can be quite a job to master this. The Thai language is a tonal language, this means that the meaning of a word depends on the tone that you...

Dos and Dont's of Dating a Proper Thai Girl

Stephen Cleary 25.10.2007
Dos and Dont's of Dating a Proper Thai Girl