Chinese village fights back against land seizures

San Francisco Chronicle 17.12.2011
Chinese village fights back against land seizures

Wukan is quickly gaining the reputation as the village that fought back.

Shanghai has most overseas residents in China

Shi Yingying China Daily 12.10.2011
Shanghai has most overseas residents in China

Nine out of every 1,000 people living in Shanghai come from foreign countries or Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, making it the Chinese mainland city that is most densely populated with overseas residents, according to a recent report.

China rural migrants young, restless and online: report

Chris Buckley Chicago Tribune 11.10.2011
China rural migrants young, restless and online: report

China's young migrant workers believe manufacturers can afford bigger pay rises and they are increasingly willing to strike to win them, according to a report that documents the spread of labor unrest across the country's export zones.

Family life in China: is one child enough?

Katy Regan Telegraph 10.10.2011
Family life in China: is one child enough?

What does China’s one-child policy mean to the 1.4 billion people for whom it is simply a fact of life? Katy Regan travelled the country in search of answers

US expatriates pursue American dream in China

Calum MacLeod USA Today 13.07.2011
US expatriates pursue American dream in China

After South Koreans, U.S. citizens had formed the second-largest national group among the nearly 600,000 foreigners living on the Chinese mainland at the end of 2010, says China's national statistics bureau. At a time when many Americans back home...

China mulls compensation for Tiananmen dead: group

Chinese police have for the first time raised the possibility of compensation for those killed in the crushing of the 1989 Tiananmen pro-democracy protests, families of victims said Tuesday.

Crisis in Japan spurs Hong Kong and China nuclear safety talks

Energy and safety experts from Hong Kong and China met Wednesday to discuss the safety of nuclear energy in the light of the ongoing crisis at a damaged Japanese nuclear plant leaking radiation.

Radioactivity detected in China

yan Xinhua 28.03.2011
Radioactivity detected in China

Low levels of radioactive material iodine-131 were detected Saturday in Heilongjiang Province, north of Beijing, China's National Nuclear Emergency Coordination Committee said.


According to Chinese astrology, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which some predictions say will bring prosperity, while others argue it means volatility in the markets.

China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people

Malcolm Moore, Peter Foster Telegraph 27.01.2011
China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people

China is planning to create the world's biggest mega city by merging nine cities to create a metropolis twice the size of Wales with a population of 42 million.

Rice noodles prompt latest China food scare

Large amounts of rice noodles made with rotten grain and potentially carcinogenic additives are being sold in south China, state press said Friday, in the country's latest food safety scare.

Hu Jintao Visits Poor Beijing Families, Vows to Narrow China's Wealth Gap

Chinese President Hu Jintao visited low-income families in Beijing yesterday in a gesture to show the government is trying to narrow the widening wealth gap in the world’s fastest-growing major economy.

Nobel laureate Liu celebrates 55th birthday in prison

Jailed Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo marked his 55th birthday on Tuesday in a prison in northeast China, prompting renewed calls from rights advocates for his immediate release.

Chinese endure power shortages as coal runs short

Communities in central and northern China are facing power cuts and rationing as winter coal supplies fall short of surging demand.

China launches hourly air quality data index

China has started publishing hourly air-quality information for major cities across the country as the world's top source of greenhouse gas emissions tries to rein in its notorious pollution.

For 30 years the Chinese have only been allowed one child - and now they are only allowed one dog

For the last 30 years they have been banned from having more than one child in their family.Now the residents of Shanghai are facing a new limit over the size of their household - the one-dog policy.

World's biggest census begins in China

As part of the country's sixth national census, which began on Monday, 100,000 census takers are knocking on doors in Beijing. They have 10 days to complete their task.

Typhoon Megi lands in southeast China, 270,000 evacuated

Hundreds of thousands of residents have been evacuated as Megi, the 13th typhoon to hit China this year, made landfall in Zhangzhou City in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian at 12:55 p.m. Saturday, authorities said.

China Evacuates 150000 People as Typhoon Nears

Chinese authorities have evacuated more than 150,000 people from the country's southeastern coast as one of the strongest typhoons in years approaches the region.

Southern China braces for super typhoon [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Residents scrambled to stockpile food and authorities ordered ships to remain docked as southern China geared up Wednesday for a super typhoon after it killed 15 people and wiped out crops in the northern Philippines.

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