Quake-hit Chinese students spend joyous time with Medvedev in Kremlin

As the special guests of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, 50 students from China's quake-hit Sichuan province Wednesday visited the glittering Andrew Hall of the Kremlin, and had a joyous time with the Russian president.

Amnesty urges China to free activists

The human rights group, Amnesty International, has called on the Beijing authorities to release all human rights activists they've jailed.

Beijing mulls emergency green plan for Games

Cui Xiaohuo China Daily 28.07.2008
Beijing mulls emergency green plan for Games

More vehicles could go off the roads and all construction sites and some more factories in Beijing and its neighboring areas could be closed temporarily if the capital's air quality deteriorates during the Olympic Games.

Beijing regrets manhandling of HK media

An official with the Beijing Olympics organisers says he regrets yesterday's violent exchanges between public security officials and Hong Kong news reporters. He also said the massive number of people who turned up for tickets yesterday was beyond...

Detained SCMP photographer is released

Beijing authorities have released a South China Morning Post photographer, who was taken away following clashes between the police and Hong Kong journalists.

A rehearsal of a possible stampede at the Bird's Nest

On July 22, at 10:43 AM, a "stampede accident" suddenly occurred at the Bird's Nest on the stairs between the third floor and the ground floor after the end of a game. About 200 "injured" audience members were trapped on the stairs.

(Xinhua Photo)

From anti-terrorism drills to halt of flights during the opening ceremony, Beijing is taking every possible measure to ward off terrorism and ensure security for next month's Olympic Games.

Zhu Sha and her three-day-old "earthquake baby" at the Maternal and Children Health Hospital in Pengzhou, Sichuan province. [China Daily]

On the morning of May 13, the day after the devastating earthquake shook Sichuan province, 21-year-old Chen Shichao went into labor.

Fewer cars push Games to green lane

Beijing Sunday inched a step closer to realizing a green Olympics by enforcing a series of measures to ease traffic jams and reduce pollution.

Wang Cheng smiles after treatment for elephantiasis

TAIPEI (AFP) — Wang Cheng is looking forward to running and wearing trousers for the first time in more than a decade after life-changing surgery in Taiwan to correct a rare and painful condition which caused her legs to treble in size.

Venues designed to minimize emissions, save energy

Clean energy and power saving technologies have been used in constructing Beijing's Olympic venues to ensure a green Games, experts and organizers said.

Anyone seen my rubber ring? The world's most crowded swimming pool

Someone floated the idea and they all went with it. But once in the water, trying to swim a few lengths was suddenly out of the question. In fact, there was treading room only when thousands of swimmers crowded into a pool in Penglai in Sichuan, w...

A woman walks past a sign that reads: "We Perfume and Make-up You" outside a store selling perfumes and cosmetic products in Beijing April 16, 2007.  REUTERS/Claro Cortes IV

BEIJING (Reuters Life!) - With the Olympics nearing, Beijing has made heroic efforts to wipe Chinglish off menus and road-signs, but this quirky, nonsensical language has one last, seemingly unassailable, stronghold: the chests of millions.

City reduces air, water pollution by 2%

Christine Ca Shanghai Daily 15.07.2008
City reduces air, water pollution by 2%

SHANGHAI is getting greener as it reduced its major pollutants in air and water by 2 percent last year, according to a national report issued by the government.

City pulls out all stops for Olympics

Shanghai Daily 10.07.2008
City pulls out all stops for Olympics

SHANGHAI is taking the lead in making the families of Olympic competitors feel at home - right down to streamlining procedures so that pet cats and dogs can come too.

BEIJING, July 9 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese human rights researcher said here Wednesday the country has made historic achievements in both theory and practice of human rights protection in recent years.

Bible to be available free during Beijing Games

Athletes, officials, spectators and tourists can pick up the Bible or just the New Testament for free during the Olympic Games next month.

Yeung Sum won't approve quake funds

Democratic Party lawmaker, Yeung Sum, says he won't vote to approve a massive publically-funded aid package that's been mooted to aid recovery in the earthquake-hit Sichuan.

Concern over quake-relief funds

Some members of a Legislative Council delegation visiting quake-hit Sichuan province say they're not prepared to support a one-off lump sum commitment from Hong Kong to help rebuild areas devastated in May's earthquake.

HK eyes $10b in quake aid

Bonnie Chen The Standard 03.07.2008
HK eyes $10b in quake aid

The government may seek up to HK$10 billion from Legco to help fund Sichuans reconstruction.

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