Macau police break up fracas between Chinese tourists and guides

A group of Chinese tourists were rescued by police after being trapped for hours on a tour bus by a crowd of around 100 tour guides in Macau, a radio report said Tuesday.

Fairmont Yangcheng Lake awarded by Travel + Leisure

Theresa Zhang Fairmont Yangcheng Lake 19.11.2010
Philip Smith, GM of Fairmont Yangcheng Lake (left 3) and hotel management team

Fairmont Yangcheng Lake has won the prestigious 2010 China Travel Award from Travel + Leisure as one of the Best New Hotels in China.

China ends its HIV travel ban

Neil McKinnon 05.05.2010
China ends its HIV travel ban

On April 27, China announced that it had lifted a 20-year-old travel ban on foreign visitors with HIV, but the country's visa application still asks people to disclose their health status.

Shanghai Disneyland Coming Soon

Living In Hong Kong 02.12.2008

Disneyland will soon be setting up its theme park in Shanghai. This is after Shanghai's economic body, the National Development and Reform Commission made the approval.

Beijing hosts 6.5 million tourists during Olympics

Beijing recorded 6.52 million tourist arrivals, including 382,000 from abroad, during the Olympic Games, official figures showed on Tuesday.

Cityscape recommendations for Beijing

People's Daily Online 11.07.2008
Cityscape recommendations for Beijing

If you are coming to Beijing for the Olympics, Xinhua News Agency staff provides these tips for finding the capital's most impressive spots.

Sichuan reopens to tourists, full recovery by 2010

Huang Zhiling and Luo Xianyu China Daily 16.06.2008
Soliders, policeman and volunteers who helped Dujiangyan's quake relief receive "gold cards" from the city's government June 15, 2008.  [Huang Zhiling/]

CHENGDU: He Ping, a 52-year-old taxi driver in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, sent a passenger to the Lidui Park in this city 48 km northwest of Chengdu early Sunday morning.

Beautiful Pictures of the New Beijing Airport

Constructed in 4 years with 50,000 workers on site. Covers a floor area of 1.3 million square meters, 4 km long, making it the largest building in the world. Costs: 27 Billion Yuan ($3.65 Billion)

Visa policy 'is based on global practices'

Xiao Yang China Daily 07.05.2008
Visa policy 'is based on global practices'

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday denied that China had stopped issuing multi-entry visas to foreigners, insisting that visa issue procedures continue to be convenient.

Tibet welcomes holiday visitors

With the return of peace to Lhasa, tourists are coming back to the Tibet Autonomous Region.