Electricity bills to rise in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia consumers will pay just over 9 per cent more for electricity January 1 as the province's price regulator acknowledged yesterday that long-range energy costs are destined to stay high.

Students rally in 14 Ontario cities to protest high tuition fees

TORONTO — Thousands of college and university students chanted slogans and marched through the streets of 14 Ontario cities Wednesday as part of a provincewide campaign calling on the Ontario government to slash tuition fees.

US voter turnout puts Canada to shame

Renata D'Aliesio Calgary Herald 06.11.2008
US voter turnout puts Canada to shame

The voting-day differences between Tuesday's U.S. election and last month's Canadian campaign couldn't be more striking.South of the border, throngs of people waited, for several hours in some cases, to cast a ballot for their next president.

Quebec's Charest seeks third term

Marianne White Calgary Herald 06.11.2008
Quebec's Charest seeks third term

Premier Jean Charest pulled the plug on his minority government Wednesday, taking a gamble he can win a majority before the economy falters even more.

CRTC will have to revisit financial model for Canadian broadcasters

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission will need to revisit the current financial model for conventional television broadcasters in Canada, given the magnitude of the pressures they are facing, says Scotia Capital analyst ...

October auto sales hit 6-year high in Canada

Tony Van Alphen Toronto Star 04.11.2008
October auto sales hit 6-year high in Canada

The U.S. auto market crashed last month but the Canadian industry cruised to another stunning sales gain despite the economic storm engulfing both countries.

Ontario officially a 'have-not,' to get $337M in equalization

TORONTO - Ontario will receive equalization payments for the first time in its history, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said yesterday, following a meeting that revealed simmering tension between the country's two largest governments.

Man pleads guilty in daughters' freezing deaths

GLORIA GALLOWAY The Globe and Mail 04.11.2008
Man pleads guilty in daughters' freezing deaths

ROSE VALLEY, Sask. — Christopher Pauchay swayed from side to side, staring at the wooden floor of the community centre in this tiny Saskatchewan village as he pleaded guilty to criminal negligence in the deaths of his two young daughters.

Second man comes forward in Edmonton movie murder case

Laura Drake Ottawa Citizen 04.11.2008
Second man comes forward in Edmonton movie murder case

EDMONTON - A man who may have narrowly escaped the same fate as Johnny Brian Altinger was interviewed by the Edmonton Police Service this afternoon.

E. coli closes 3rd restaurant in southern Ontario

A 50s-style diner in Burlington, Ont., has voluntarily closed as health officials investigated two confirmed and three possible cases of E. coli connected to the restaurant on Friday.

Calgary Zoo in mourning day after baby elephant's death

The Calgary Zoo is hoping to learn more about the tragic death of baby elephant Malti. They're performing a post-mortem exam on the 15-month old after she died from a rare, but deadly, disease called elephant herpesvirus.

Toronto starts collecting trash fees despite delays

Taking out the trash in Toronto just got a little pricier and some residents are already saying the deal stinks.

Flaherty to meet with provincial finance ministers

OTTAWA -- Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and his provincial counterparts are meeting today for the first time since the federal election and the collapse in financial and equity markets.

CFIA expands Hershey's advisory beyond Toronto to other Ont. cities

Hershey's chocolates and candies recalled two years ago over salmonella fears and subsequently stolen from a recycling depot are being sold not just in Toronto but in other Ontario cities as well, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Sunday.

Killing of B.C. man resembled horror film: police

Police in Edmonton are investigating the bizarre case of a man from B.C. who they say was lured to death in a way resembling the plot of a horror film written by the man they have charged with his murder.

Renowned peace activist from N.S. turns 100, friends and colleagues pay tribute

HALIFAX, N.S. — At 100 years old, Muriel Duckworth's voice may have diminished to a whisper, but her simple, pacifist message - "war is stupid" - is as potent as ever.

Father of toddlers found frozen to death goes to trial

ROSE VALLEY, Sask. - The father of two toddlers found frozen to death on a reserve in northern Saskatchewan in January is scheduled to go on trial Monday.

Patient didn't know test was botched until after inquiry

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. -- The final witness to testify at an inquiry into botched breast cancer tests in Newfoundland and Labrador says she didn't know her test was flawed until this year -- eight years after she was first diagnosed with the disease.

Calgary Zoo elephant calf diagnosed with life-threatening disease

Michelle Butterfield Calgary Herald 01.11.2008
Calgary Zoo elephant calf diagnosed with life-threatening disease

According to officials at the Calgary Zoo, one of the youngest animals in the zoo family has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease.

Deathbed video shows woman saying Aziga never said he was HIV postive

HAMILTON — A young woman dabbed at her eyes as the deathbed video of her cancer-ravaged mother was played at the first-degree murder trial of the man accused of infecting her with the virus police allege caused her AIDS-related disease.

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