Police release images in pipeline bombing investigation

The RCMP have released a series of images that they hope will lead to a break in the investigation into three recent explosions at EnCana natural gas facilities near Dawson Creek in northeastern B.C.

Ottawa Greyhound passengers to face metal detectors

Passengers will be forced to stow most of their carry-on bags under the bus and pass through a metal detector before boarding a Greyhound bus in Ottawa.

Harper expected to ask GG to suspend Parliament

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to visit Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean this morning and submit a formal request to have Parliament suspended until late January, in an attempt to prevent a confidence motion that could bring down the government...

Political coup in Canada; Dion to replace Harper as new PM

TORONTO: In a political coup, Canada's three opposition parties have joined hands to oust the just elected minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Disabled, obese allowed free extra plane seat

Janice Tibbetts The Province 24.11.2008

Canada's two largest airlines must give disabled and morbidly obese passengers an extra free seat on domestic flights, beginning in January, after the Supreme Court refused yesterday to consider the carriers' appeal of a federal order.

Ont. teens say proposed new driving rules unfairly treats them all as reckless

TORONTO — Young drivers in Ontario bristled Tuesday at a proposed law that would usher in some of the toughest restrictions in the country, including barring new motorists 19 and under from driving with more than one of their teenage friends at a ...

CTV plans layoffs, cuts as it braces for slump

GRANT ROBERTSON The Globe and Mail 19.11.2008
CTV plans layoffs, cuts as it braces for slump

A week after its biggest rival announced layoffs, CTV Inc. is preparing to cut costs across its network by chopping discretionary expenses, imposing a hiring freeze and eliminating jobs.

Alberta trims $6.5-billion from surplus

NORVAL SCOTT The Globe and Mail 19.11.2008
Alberta trims $6.5-billion from surplus

CALGARY -- Teflon-coated Alberta, long protected from the global economic downturn by its oil and gas wealth, is now feeling the full force of the world's financial panic.

Cauchon to announce he will not seek Liberal leadership

CAMPBELL CLARK The Globe and Mail 19.11.2008
Cauchon to announce he will not seek Liberal leadership

OTTAWA -- Former justice minister Martin Cauchon will announce today that he will not enter the Liberal leadership race, which is now set as a battle of three.

'I watched my girlfriend cut her brother's throat,' accused says on tape

CALGARY — Laughing at times, Jeremy Steinke casually recounted to an undercover police officer posing as a fellow prisoner how he and his 12-year-old girlfriend butchered her parents and little brother in their Medicine Hat home, an Alberta court ...

Throne speech to focus on the troubled economy

Governor General Michaelle Jean is set to deliver the speech from the throne this afternoon, a document that will outline the federal government's plan for the coming year.

Plane-wreck survivor can go home soon

Wendy Mclellan The Province 19.11.2008
Plane-wreck survivor can go home soon

Thomas Wilson walked away from the wreckage of a deadly plane crash with only second-degree burns and some bumps and bruises. The sole survivor of Sunday's crash on South Thormanby Island on the Sunshine Coast that killed six other passengers and...

Rae, Ignatieff spat over candidates' debate reopens old leadership wounds

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Old wounds the federal Liberals had hoped to put behind them were pried open Sunday, as leadership hopeful Bob Rae boycotted the party's closed-door, all-candidates' forum because his chief rival Michael Ignatieff wouldn't agre...

New Vancouver mayor vows to help homeless

Petti Fong Toronto Star 17.11.2008
New Vancouver mayor vows to help homeless

VANCOUVER–This city's new mayor vowed to end homelessness and reveal details of a controversial loan that may have been the deciding factor in his landslide win.

Tainted Smarties box reported in Burlington

A tampered box of Smarties from Halloween candy loot has been reported in Burlington. Sgt. Stephanie Jamieson of Halton Regional Police's Burlington detachment told on Friday that a mother had found a cold tablet in a sealed box of t...

Calgary man becomes first person convicted under anti-piracy laws

A Calgary man who was caught recording the then new release "Sweeney Todd" in a local theatre last year has become the first person convicted in Canada under new movie pirating legislation.

Debt-laden CanWest writes off $1 billion

Broadcaster and newspaper owner Canwest Global Communications saw its operating profit increase by 13 per cent to $558 million in the last fiscal year, but it still posted a net loss of $1.04 billion, including a $1.01 billion write-down of goodwi...

Loan scandal heats up Vancouver municipal elections

Petti Fong Toronto Star 15.11.2008
Loan scandal heats up Vancouver municipal elections

VANCOUVER–Vancouverites go to the polls for municipal elections today in a campaign that has become red hot over the controversy of a $100 million loan from the city to the developer of the athletes village for the 2010 Olympics.

Poverty, racism tied to youth violence, report says

Jordana Huber Ottawa Citizen 15.11.2008
Poverty, racism tied to youth violence, report says

TORONTO - Ontario will consider collecting race-based data, Premier Dalton McGuinty said yesterday following the release of a report recommending the statistics be gathered in the education and justice systems as part of a comprehensive effort to ...

Grieving family says goodbye to Brandon

The four remaining members of the Crisp family attended the funeral for their son and brother Brandon, sobs breaking the silence as they filed into church to say their final goodbyes.

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