Firecrackers shut down Montreal university, ammo found

A downtown Montreal university was locked down Thursday and swarmed by police as after reports of gunshots and an armed gunman on campus -- but it turns out that firecrackers were the culprit.

Calgary Zoo to reopen stingray exhibit

The Calgary Zoo is planning to reopen its stingray exhibit seven months after the unexplained death of 41 rays.

No charges for Mounties in Dziekanski Taser death

The four Mounties who were involved in the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport will not be charged, CTV British Columbia has learned.

Harper vows to name 18 new senators

BILL CURRY The Globe and Mail 12.12.2008
Harper vows to name 18 new senators

OTTAWA — Conservatives are on pace for a Senate majority by 2010 as Prime Minister Stephen Harper drops his objection to Senate appointments and vows to fill all current vacancies by Christmas.

McGuinty admits mistake in new driver restrictions

Premier Dalton McGuinty said "every once in a while, you step in it" in explaining his government's decision to back off limiting teenage drivers with a G2 graduated licence to just one other teen in their vehicle.


The Canadian Press Broadway World 10.12.2008

Priscilla will make its North American premiere in fall 2009 in Toronto at a David Mirvish theatre. PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT THE MUSICAL is rolling into London's West End in March 2009 and parking at the Palace Theatre.

Big Canadian banks keep slice of deep rate cut

Ann Perry Rita Trichur Toronto Star 10.12.2008
Big Canadian banks keep slice of deep rate cut

The Bank of Canada slashed its key interest rate yesterday by three-quarters of a percentage point to the lowest level in half a century and confirmed Canada's economy is "entering a recession" because of the deepening global economic slump.

Ignatieff takes the prize

Bruce Campion-Smith Tonda MacCharles Toronto Star 10.12.2008
Ignatieff takes the prize

OTTAWA–Michael Ignatieff has seized his long-sought prize – the Liberal leadership – raising fresh questions about the future of the opposition coalition that has vowed to defeat the minority Conservatives next month.

Another RCMP officer faces impaired driving charges, force admits

VANCOUVER — The RCMP's top B.C. spokesman blames an "internal communications breakdown" for his unit's failure to learn until yesterday that yet another officer is facing impaired driving charges, and that he cannot be sure other officers in the p...

Canadian dignitaries say goodbye to Ted Rogers

Canada's prime minister and a number of other dignitaries were on hand Tuesday morning to say a final goodbye to one of the country's most prolific entrepreneurs.

Anniversary of massacre at Ecole polytechnique marked

Nineteen years to the day Marc Lepine gunned down 14 women in a shocking act of violence at Montreal's Ecole polytechnique, people gathered for a memorial service to remember the victims in Montreal on Saturday.

Charest leads Quebec polls

Toronto Star 07.12.2008
Charest leads Quebec polls

Liberal Premier Jean Charest is heading to a majority government when Quebecers cast their ballots tomorrow, polls show.

Bodies of slain soldiers on their way home

Comrades carried the caskets of three slain soldiers to a waiting military plane at Kandahar Airfield on Saturday, as 2,000 soldiers from a dozen countries stood at attention.

Dion likely gone by Christmas

Les Whittington Toronto Star 07.12.2008
Dion likely gone by Christmas

OTTAWA–Embattled Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion will step aside before Christmas as his party gears up for a possible early election, senior Liberal sources say.

Ship capsized without distress call; searchers scour waters for crew

There was no distress call from the cargo vessel. A routine voyage had gone catastrophically wrong, but the alarm was not raised until the Cap Blanc failed to turn up in port.

3-year old Oshawa boy dies of stabbing rampage wounds

The three-year-old boy caught up in a tragic domestic stabbing incident in Oshawa this past weekend has died in hospital.

Santa Lucia brand ricotta cheese recalled for listeria

Canada's food watchdog is warning Ontarians to avoid consuming Santa Lucia brand ricotta cheese because it may be tainted with listeria monocytogenes. The recall affects cheese sold in 500-gram packages with a best before date of Jan. 1, 2009, an...

Benefactor bailout boosts beleaguered Ballet BC

Financially-troubled Ballet BC will break even on its winter production of the Nutcracker, improving the odds that the company will survive to dance another year.

Stimulus coming in January budget: Flaherty

Paul Vieira Financial Post 04.12.2008
Stimulus coming in January budget: Flaherty

OTTAWA -- The Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, said Wednesday night there would be additional fiscal stimuli in the government's Jan. 27 budget because economic conditions are "deteriorating."

Latin American workers win $2.4-million award

Kelly Sinoski Vancouver Sun 04.12.2008
Latin American workers win $2.4-million award

Foreign workers who complained of substandard pay and housing while working on the Canada Line have won a $2.4-million discrimination award against their employers. However, it is not clear that they will be able to collect.

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