Scotiabank will raise its stake in CI Financial

The status quo is about to take a beating at CI Financial Income Fund. The arrival of Bank of Nova Scotia as a 37-per-cent owner in Canada's third largest fund manger is expected to prompt a series of structural changes at CI. However, the $2.3-bi...

Scotiabank forecasts recession for Canada

A Scotiabank report is forecasting recessions for both Canada and the United States that could last well into 2009. But the report says a potential recession in Canada would not be nearly as bad as one in the U.S.

Harper announces modest tweak to daycare policy

Andrew Mayeda, Mike Blanchfield National Post 06.10.2008

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Stephen Harper announced a modest tweak to his party’s monthly childcare benefit Monday. In its first year in power, Mr. Harper’s Conservative government introduced a universal childcare benefit of $100-per month for e...

Made-in-China pretzels recalled in Ontario

Two varieties of coated pretzels made in China have been taken off of Ontario store shelves after testing positive for the harmful chemical compound melamine.

Harper offers tax credit for children's arts programs

JANE TABER The Globe and Mail 30.09.2008
Harper offers tax credit for children's arts programs

OTTAWA -- Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is targeting families - and hoping to assuage the angered arts community - by promising a new tax credit for childhood arts programs.

National Do-not-call list to block telemarketers takes effect Tuesday

TORONTO — Canadians now have a new tool to block annoying calls from telemarketers. A national do-not-call list comes into force today. The list is being run by Canada's broadcast regulator, the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Co...

Toronto market takes historic hit

Toronto market takes historic hit

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market had its biggest point drop in history on Monday, as investors reacted to a major defeat for the Bush administration’s US$700-billion bailout of the U.S. financial industry.

PM rebuffs NDP call for federal leaders' meeting on U.S. crisis

NDP Leader Jack Layton urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call a special meeting for federal party leaders to discuss the potential effects of the U.S economic crisis on Canadians, but Harper has rejected the proposal.

Actors condemn Harper's culture cuts

Canada's top film and television performers gathered in Toronto on Wednesday to condemn the $45 million in cuts to culture funding announced by the Conservative government in August, saying the cuts will cripple the Canadian arts industry.

NDP to pledge $400/month child benefit

Robert Benzie Toronto Star 28.09.2008
NDP to pledge $400/month child benefit

VANCOUVER–The New Democrats will today unveil an ambitious new $17 billion child benefit plan that will pay families up to $400 a month per child, sources told the Star.

Canadian Leaders Talk Tough On Finances

It's the economy, stupid. Those immortal words uttered by Bill Clinton on a long-ago campaign trail have provided puns for pundits ever since. Canadian candidates got in on the fun, too, with Conservative leader Stephen Harper saying our finances ...

Anti-terror tech firm cites debt, axes jobs

Ottawa-based Allen-Vanguard Corp., a maker of technology to thwart terrorist attacks, said yesterday it will cut 15 per cent of its staff and close offices under a cost-cutting plan linked to debt worries.

Layton to announce prescription drug plan

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton is set to release an election campaign pledge to start a prescription drug plan for people who pay more than $1,500 a year in drug costs.

Finance minister defends Tory cuts to arts funding

James Cowan and Marianne White 25.09.2008
Finance minister defends Tory cuts to arts funding

TORONTO - Finance Minister Jim Flaherty defended on Wednesday the Conservatives' cuts to arts funding as a part of a wider spending review, but acknowledged there was political direction involved in the process.

August inflation rate highest in five years

Julian Beltrame Toronto Star 24.09.2008
August inflation rate highest in five years

OTTAWA–Canada's inflation rate last month was the highest in more than five years, rising to 3.5 per cent, but economists say they're not overly concerned because the pace of increases appears to be slowing.

Keen resigns from nuclear watchdog's board of directors

The former head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has resigned from the nuclear watchdog's board of directors. Linda Keen sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Tuesday stating she no longer wants to stay on the board and risk b...

Layton would cancel Tories' softwood lumber deal

Speaking in the heart of Ontario's forestry industry on Wednesday, New Democrat Leader Jack Layton pledged to reverse the Conservatives' softwood lumber deal with the United States.

NDP, Bloc set to protest Harper arts cuts

Two opposition leaders are set to take aim at Conservative Leader Stephen Harper over his government's move to cut funding to the arts by $45 million, as they campaign on Tuesday for the Oct. 14 election.

ABCP set to go after top court rejects appeal

John Greenwood, Jim Middlemiss National Post 20.09.2008
ABCP set to go after top court rejects appeal

Retail holders of ABCP are breathing sighs of relief after the Supreme Court of Canada denied a challenge to a proposed restructuring of frozen $32-billion of asset-backed commercial paper, clearing the way for about 1,400 individual note holders ...

Dion commits $70B to fix crumbling infrastructure

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion used a Toronto stop to unveil a promise to spend $70 billion over the next decade on infrastructure improvements in Canada.

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