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Canada investigates mass sled dog slaughter

Police are investigating the slaughter of 100 husky dogs used during the 2010 Winter Olympics to pull tourist sleds in the Canadian ski resort of Whistler, authorities said Monday.

Canadian shoots, kills father with crossbow in crowded library

A Canadian man was charged with first-degree murder Friday for fatally shooting his father in the back with a crossbow in a Toronto library as shocked mothers and children watched.

Canada marijuana growers use wild bears to guard pot

Police said Wednesday they were astonished to find at least 14 wild black bears guarding an illegal marijuana growing operation after a recent raid on the property in westernmost Canada.

Outrage over ruling that mom who strangled daughter won’t be jailed

A Calgary mother won’t spend a day in jail for killing her teenage daughter with a head scarf — a decision that has prompted outrage.

Police can use sound cannons during G20 summit, but with limits: judge

Toronto Police can use sound cannons during the G20 summit with restrictions, a judge ruled Friday.

Toronto Police Arrest Man With Weapons in Vehicle Near G-20 Security Zone

A man was arrested and taken into custody outside of the Group of 20 security zone after Toronto police found weapons and hazardous materials inside his vehicle, Constable Tony Vella said.

Police finally track down notorious underworld figure — at his funeral

A three-decade-old manhunt for one of the most notorious figures of the Hong Kong underworld — a man who pumped millions of dollars of his ill-gotten gains into British Columbia — ended Thursday in a cemetery near Vancouver.

Weight-loss surgeon loses licence in sex scandal

KATE HAMMER The Globe and Mail 12.12.2008
Weight-loss surgeon loses licence in sex scandal

A leading Canadian expert in bariatric surgery pleaded no contest yesterday to accusations that he sexually abused female patients over nearly a decade, leading a disciplinary committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons to revoke his medic...

Firecrackers shut down Montreal university, ammo found

A downtown Montreal university was locked down Thursday and swarmed by police as after reports of gunshots and an armed gunman on campus -- but it turns out that firecrackers were the culprit.

No charges for Mounties in Dziekanski Taser death

The four Mounties who were involved in the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport will not be charged, CTV British Columbia has learned.

McGuinty admits mistake in new driver restrictions

Premier Dalton McGuinty said "every once in a while, you step in it" in explaining his government's decision to back off limiting teenage drivers with a G2 graduated licence to just one other teen in their vehicle.

Another RCMP officer faces impaired driving charges, force admits

VANCOUVER — The RCMP's top B.C. spokesman blames an "internal communications breakdown" for his unit's failure to learn until yesterday that yet another officer is facing impaired driving charges, and that he cannot be sure other officers in the p...

Ship capsized without distress call; searchers scour waters for crew

There was no distress call from the cargo vessel. A routine voyage had gone catastrophically wrong, but the alarm was not raised until the Cap Blanc failed to turn up in port.

3-year old Oshawa boy dies of stabbing rampage wounds

The three-year-old boy caught up in a tragic domestic stabbing incident in Oshawa this past weekend has died in hospital.

Police release images in pipeline bombing investigation

The RCMP have released a series of images that they hope will lead to a break in the investigation into three recent explosions at EnCana natural gas facilities near Dawson Creek in northeastern B.C.

Ont. teens say proposed new driving rules unfairly treats them all as reckless

TORONTO — Young drivers in Ontario bristled Tuesday at a proposed law that would usher in some of the toughest restrictions in the country, including barring new motorists 19 and under from driving with more than one of their teenage friends at a ...

'I watched my girlfriend cut her brother's throat,' accused says on tape

CALGARY — Laughing at times, Jeremy Steinke casually recounted to an undercover police officer posing as a fellow prisoner how he and his 12-year-old girlfriend butchered her parents and little brother in their Medicine Hat home, an Alberta court ...

Calgary man becomes first person convicted under anti-piracy laws

A Calgary man who was caught recording the then new release "Sweeney Todd" in a local theatre last year has become the first person convicted in Canada under new movie pirating legislation.

Carjack sex attack suspect arrested

Drinking alone in the corner of a Rundle pub, a man wanted for a sexual assault was caught off-guard when officers walked inside and arrested him last night.

Ottawa prof arrested, suspect in 1980 Paris bombing

The RCMP has arrested a Canadian man in Quebec at the request of France, which accuses the man of being behind a bomb attack that killed four people at a Paris synagogue in 1980.

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