She's a bit ruff! Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix wins the World's Ugliest Dog title

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And it definitely seems to be the case with this pooch who was kissed and cuddled by her owner as she bagged the title of the World's Ugliest Dog.

$12M Dog: Leona Helmsley's Beloved Pooch Dies

Greg Wilson NBC New York 10.06.2011
$12M Dog: Leona Helmsley's Beloved Pooch Dies

Trouble, the pampered pooch that Leona Helmsley bequeathed $12 million to, died in luxury at age 12. The Maltese had the rare ability to melt the icy heart of the hotel boss dubbed the Queen of Mean.

The million-pound mutt: Red Tibetan Mastiff becomes world's most expensive dog

They say money can't buy love – but £1million will get you man's most expensive best friend. A red Tibetan mastiff has become the priciest dog in the world after being sold for 10 million Chinese yuan, or £945,000.

Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses its sight... and then gets a new one who now leads them both around

After six years of loyal service, Graham Waspe was devastated when his guide dog Edward was left blind after developing cataracts. But his devastation turned to joy when his replacement Opal turned out to be a real gem. Mr Waspe's new dog is not j...

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pictures of animals holding knives and cigarettes have prompted an investigation of employees at Mecklenburg County Animal Care and Control.

Target, the dog who survived Afghan war and melted hearts on Oprah, mistakenly put down at Arizona animal shelter

As a stray on the war-ravaged streets of Afghanistan, she had been shot by the Taliban and blasted by explosives. In fact, the plucky German Shepherd cheated death so often that U.S. soldiers named her Target.

US two-legged dog inspires UK troops

VIRGINIA WHEELER The Sun 18.08.2010
Quick march ... 'Sergeant' Faith's unique talents

A TWO-legged dog who walks upright is set to inspire British troops wounded in Afghanistan.

San Francisco considers banning sale of pets except fish

Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer San Francisco Chronicle 09.07.2010
San Francisco considers banning sale of pets except fish

Sell a guinea pig, go to jail. That's the law under consideration by San Francisco's Commission of Animal Control and Welfare. If the commission approves the ordinance at its meeting tonight, San Francisco could soon have what is believed to be th...

In High Rise Hong Kong, Pets Suffer

More than 100 abandoned dogs bark and jump as if competing for the attention of their potential adopters inside the Hong Kong Dog Rescue centre.


COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- These days, a North Idaho neighborhood lives under the threat of a sneaky midnight burglar notorious for airing neighbors' dirty laundry. The suspect: Jack, a 1-year-old feline who can't keep his paws off of anything, espec...


How does a girl from Chicago become the goat lady of Arlington? By coming to the rescue. Ellen Felsenthal's New Moon Farm has a rotating herd of adoptable goats currently numbering about two dozen. She also offers a class, Goats 101, which starts ...

Michelle Obama: White House Dog Coming Soon!

Sandra Sobieraj Westfall People 26.02.2009

The whole world, it seems, wants to know: What kind of dog are the Obamas getting and, for goodness sake, when? Speaking to PEOPLE at the White House recently, Michelle Obama leaned in and confided: "You're getting some scoops here."

Uni the Hedgehog

beet1ejuicex3 YouTube 16.02.2009

Uni doin' what he does best - being the cutest hedgehog everrr!!!

World's smartest mouse

kittenandtiger YouTube 27.12.2008

My clever little mouse, Brain Storm on a very difficult course. More info:

Surprising dangers for pets during the holidays

Melissa Tarkington CNN 26.11.2008

(CNN) -- Our dog Tilly loves the holiday season. Turkey for Thanksgiving. Brisket for Hanukkah. Ham for Christmas and pot roast for New Year's. With so much food moving around the house and visitors who generously -- and covertly -- feed her under...

Stray dogs 'fly' to new homes in Seattle

Dimitri Bruyas The China Post 05.08.2008
Stray dogs 'fly' to new homes in Seattle

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Thanks to the persistent efforts of local animal rescuers, yet another batch of Taiwan stray dogs have found new homes across the Pacific. Mico, Amber, Grace and 12 other stray dogs were rescued from the streets of Kaohsiung City...

Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk helps Seattle Animal Shelter

Seattle Post-Intelligencer 06.06.2008
Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk helps Seattle Animal Shelter

As many as 3,200 people, 1,600 dogs and a few brave cats will be at Seward Park for Sunday's ninth annual Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk.

Seattle Humane Society Launches Kitten Kindergarten

My Seattle Pets (Seattle P-I) 24.05.2008
Seattle Humane Society Launches Kitten Kindergarten

The Seattle Humane Society is launching the first Kitten Kindergarten course in Washington state, with classes starting on June 4, 2008. Open to kittens between the ages of 8 to 20 weeks, the class will provide lots of structured play-time, human ...

Woman Breeds Poodles For Their Original Purpose: Hunting

LOVELAND, Colo. -- The thought of a poodle may conjure images of a pampered pooch with poofy hair, but for the last 15 years, a Loveland breeder has been on a one-woman mission to change that.

Hot Dog

Funny or Die 22.05.2008
Hot Dog

This dog jumps over fire.