Useless Cat

FotoSilver 08.05.2008
Useless Cat

Yea ... you can laugh about it!

A kitten's cozy bed

Viki Vikijournal 06.05.2008
A kitten's cozy bed

"Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly...Suddenly I awoke...Now, I do not know whether I was then a cat dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming that I am a cat." [Original quote: Chuang Tzu, Chinese philosopher]

A plan for caring for our animals

Julia Patterson of SeaTac is the King County Council member representing Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Des Bothell Reporter 04.05.2008
A plan for caring for our animals

The subject of shelter animal care is an emotional issue, and one that until just recently divided us in county government. Strong feelings expressed from people in our community and the great number of e-mails and calls demonstrate how much we al...

Guilty Boston Terrier

swiminpeak YouTube 29.04.2008
Guilty Boston Terrier

After coming home... this is what i found!!! He knew what he did wrong!

The new pygmy hedgehogs you can keep like a pet hamster

They are small and prickly and are the very latest must-have pets. Would-be owners are will happily wait up to a year and will travel any distance to get their hands on an African pygmy hedgehog. The cute pets are a quarter of the size of a normal...

Rent-a-pet: Now you can hire a dog for one day at a time with new 'time-share' pet service

A dog is no longer for life, but just for the weekend, with the launch of a 'rent a pet' service in the UK. FlexPetz, an American company, has already signed up 100 'part-time owners' in London after the idea proved popular in the U.S.

Oscar the skateboarding Jack Russell terrier (Photo: Worthing Herald)

OSCAR the dog has got tongues wagging as he whizzes around town on his very own skateboard. The two- year-old Jack Russell has stunned onlookers while out and about practicing his boarding moves. Oscar manages to skate by running up to the board a...

Hamster kills man

Metro 18.04.2008
Hamster kills man

A woman is suing a pet shop chain after her husband died of a hamster virus. Nancy Magee, from the US, claims PetSmart Inc should have warned customers the rodents carry lymphocytic choriomeningitis, a viral infection of the membranes surrounding ...

Fluffy Bunny is the Cute of the Day 17.04.2008
Fluffy Bunny is the Cute of the Day

My cute-o-meter has just broken...

Hungry turtle 03.04.2008
Hungry turtle

Don't mess with a hungry turtle or you'll be sorry...

Panda cubs set to charm in China

A group of cuddly panda cubs is guaranteed to charm visitors flocking to China for the Beijing Olympics. Twelve cubs have been ferried to their new home at the China Panda Protection and Research Centre in Wolong, Sichuan province. The bears have ...

Bunny bath

Viki Vikijournal 31.03.2008

The cleanest bunnies on planet

Jerry needs no help playing with his ball

A daschund named Jerry plays with his ball throwing machine.

What Makes Cats Go Crazy?

LUCCHINA Metacafe 15.03.2008
What Makes Cats Go Crazy?

There is a special material that makes Cats go crazy. They fell in love! Watch and try it with your Kitty.

Hungry pups 08.03.2008
Hungry pups

The cutest little puppies you will see today

Cat of 1000 Faces

jonathanhowells YouTube 05.03.2008
Cat of 1000 Faces

Watch him transform himself with his amazing disguises!

An unwelcomed guest…

Brian Reeder 29.02.2008
An unwelcomed guest…

These pictures were taken from a friend’s kitchen onto his patio deck in Wyoming. The cougar was watching his kids playing on the kitchen floor! Thank god he noticed it before he tried to take the garbage out that night…

Suicidal pets get anti-depressants

Gary Cleland The Telegraph 26.02.2008
Depressed parrots can often include pluck out their feathers

Increasing numbers of British pets are being given Prozac to help them battle against depression, a leading veterinary expert has revealed. Tropical birds such as parrots are the worst affected by depression, according to television vet Romain Pizzi.

Two-faced cat born in US

The Sun 20.02.2008
Two-faced cat born in US

THIS kitten should have no problem looking both ways as it crosses the road - it was born with two faces. Shocked owner Rennee Cook found the mite - named Double Trouble - in a litter delivered in her bedroom by her half-Persian, Amber.

Tournament of blood: The sheer horror of horse-fighting

DANNY PENMAN The Daily Mail 20.02.2008
Tournament of blood: The sheer horror of horse-fighting

The crowd roars its approval as the chestnut stallion sinks his teeth into the throat of his opponent. The terrified victim rears up on his hind legs and veers away in a desperate bid to escape, but it is no use. Blood is pouring into his eyes and...