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New virus threatens phones using Android

A virus infecting mobile phones using Google's Android operating system has emerged in China that can allow a hacker to gain access to personal data, US security experts said.

Sony to launch PlayStation smartphone in spring

Sony's long-rumoured PlayStation Portable smartphone is set to be launched in North America and Europe as early as the spring, according to a Japanese newspaper report Wednesday.

Apple Sued Over Apps Privacy Issues; Google May Be Next

Two separate groups of iPhone and iPad users have sued Apple alleging that certain software applications were passing personal user information to third-party advertisers without consent.

Egypt president urged to free jailed Facebook user

Reporters Without Borders has issued a joint call with rights groups for Egypt's president to intervene after an Internet user was sentenced to jail for starting a Facebook group for army recruits.

Artificial intelligence to transform web: Russian tycoon

The emergence of artificial intelligence is to transform the Internet industry and social networking over the next decade, Russia's leading web tycoon said in an interview on Tuesday.

Dell Venue Lands in Hong Kong

Best Mobile Contracts 28.12.2010
Dell Venue Lands in Hong Kong

Described as the WP7-based Dell Venue Pro’s “Android 2.2 cousin”, the Dell Venue handset has launched in Hong Kong.

Ceiling lights in Minnesota send coded Internet data

CHRIS WILLIAMS Yahoo! News 27.12.2010
Ceiling lights in Minnesota send coded Internet data

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – Flickering ceiling lights are usually a nuisance, but in city offices in St. Cloud, they will actually be a pathway to the Internet. The lights will transmit data to specially equipped computers on desks below by flickering fast...

Financial Times taps Steve Jobs as Person of the Year

Never mind Mark What's-His-Name, The Financial Times, Britain's equivalent of The Wall Street Journal, has handed its Person of the Year crown to Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO and onetime tech wunderkind turned comeback player of the quarter century.

Dell Venue Android Smartphone Makes Hong Kong Debut

The Dell Venue Smartphone with Android Operating System has made its way to Hong Kong. It was due to launch in Korea, but the launch came about in Hong Kong. The Venue has been announced by KT, South Korea’s second largest mobile carrier, along wi...

Venezuela tightens Internet regulation

Venezuela's parliament approved tighter regulation of the Internet on Monday in the latest of a package of laws to entrench President Hugo Chavez's socialist "revolution" before a new Assembly is sworn-in next month.

UN mulls internet regulation options

John Hilvert ITnews 17.12.2010
UN mulls internet regulation options

The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet.

iPhone snitch network launched

Jason Douglass 15.12.2010
iPhone snitch network launched

A new iPhone App with the misleading name ‘PatriotApp’ attempts to draw on the power of the patriot movement, turning smartphone users into a gigantic snitch network.

Gawker Media Hacked, Warns Users to Change Passwords

E-mail addresses and password details for 200,000 registered users of Gawker Media websites are now circulating on peer-to-peer networks after a weekend hack attack. The company warned users to change their passwords -- including on other sites, i...

Rivals Say Google Plays Favorites

AMIR EFRATI The Wall Street Journal 13.12.2010
Rivals Say Google Plays Favorites

Google Inc. increasingly is promoting some of its own content over that of rival websites when users perform an online search, prompting competing sites to cry foul. The Internet giant is displaying links to its own services—such as local-business...

Kids go on expensive buying sprees in iPhone games

PETER SVENSSON The Washington Examiner 10.12.2010
Kids go on expensive buying sprees in iPhone games

"The Smurfs' Village," a game for the iPhone and other Apple gadgets, was released a month ago and quickly became the highest-grossing application in the iTunes store. Yet it's free to download.

Texas man injured when Droid screen explodes

Texas man injured when Droid screen explodes

CEDAR HILL, Texas — A North Texas man talking on his cell phone was rushed to a hospital after his phone apparently exploded Thursday morning.

Cyber attack forces Wikileaks to change web address

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has been forced to change its web address after the company providing its domain name cut off service.

Google admits trespassing, pays couple $1

Google has admitted that it trespassed on the property of a Pittsburgh-area family when one of its “Street View” cars photographed their home, but the search giant is only paying damages of $1 for its online intrusion.

FBI Targets Young Russian Spam Kingpin

The Smoking Gun 01.12.2010
FBI Targets Young Russian Spam Kingpin

An FBI investigation has identified the young Russian man behind the notorious “Mega-D” botnet, the malicious network of more than 500,000 infected computers that was capable of sending ten billion spam e-mails a day and, until late last year, rep...

EU launches antitrust probe into Google searches

EU launches antitrust probe into Google searches

European Union regulators will investigate whether Google Inc. has abused its dominant position in the online search market - the first major probe into the online giant's business practices.

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