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Sex gets better with age say scientists

Sex really does get better with age because older women get satisfaction from physical closeness, research has found.

University Of Chicago Students Launch Website For Casual Sex Encounters

The University of Chicago has long been known for Nobel Prizes, but if the organizers of a new website have their way, the school will soon elevate its sexual reputation.

Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble

Richard Adams The Guardian 08.03.2011
Facebook a top cause of relationship trouble

When Facebook gets involved, relationships can quickly fall apart – as Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi have discovered. But dictatorships are not the only ties being dissolved by social networking sites: now Facebook is increasingly being blamed...

Imported brides rise as money mixes Asian marriages

Asian men from rich countries such as Japan and South Korea are increasingly seeking brides from poorer ones like Vietnam and the Philippines -- as economically liberated local women get picky.

iVillage Study Indicates Many Women Happy with Sex Lives, But Would Rather Read, Watch Movies or Sleep Than Do the Deed

A new iVillage survey of wives aged 18-49 reveals that sex in married life takes a little bit of a hit. Surprised? On "The Early Show," Liz Zack, editor of pregnancy and parenting at iVillage, and Ian Kerner, therapist and author of "Love in a Tim...

090909 reasons to say 'I do'...

Beatrice Siu and Agencies The Standard 10.09.2009

All the nines added up to everlasting love yesterday as tens of thousands of couples from Hong Kong to Las Vegas rushed to tie the knot.

Schoolkids seek intimacy and sex with cyber friends

Jerran Lin The Standard 13.07.2009

One in five school students aged 11 to 19 are happy to have face-to-face meetings with strangers they have met online and a significant number of them accept there could be sexual contact as a result.


Qualified bachelors begging for an extraordinary matchmaking search can opt for the 4M Club's established Rolls Royce plan.

In Pictures: Huge Rural Chinese Wedding Banquet

Here’s a set of pictures that are doing the rounds on a number of Chinese forums and bulletin boards of a recent wedding banquet from the Shunde district of Foshan city in the Guangdong province.

10 Top Ways To Spot A Ladyboy Katoey In Thailand

Conan Stevens 01.04.2009

Many first time tourists head out on their own, or with their tourist buddies and proceed to pick up a hot woman at the local nightclub - only to realise that the hot she is a hot he, locally known as a Katoey or Ladyboy. So rather than insult her...

How to find a Thai wife

1stop Bangkok 08.01.2009

We're not kidding, thousands of lonely men come here every year looking for a new sweetheart and Thai ladies have become one of the country's biggest exports. Odious as it may seem to some, we recognise that many of you visiting this site are inte...

Why women shouldn't say 'I love you' first

Wendy Atterberry CNN 27.12.2008

(The Frisky) -- If I have a daughter one day, among the many things I'll teach her will be how to tie her shoes, to look both ways before crossing the street, to never end a sentence with a preposition, and to always let the man say "I love you" f...

'Tis the season to find a lover reveals survey

Beatrice Siu The Standard 18.12.2008

A pre-Christmas survey of young people has found that they believe yuletide is the right time to find love, or failing that, maybe a one-night stand.

Fox to adapt 9-year-old's book

Borys Kit The Hollywood Reporter 09.12.2008

Fox is ready to take advice from a 9-year-old. The studio has acquired the film rights to "How to Talk to Girls," a cute 46-page self-help tome written by Alex Greven, a 9-year-old in the fourth grade.


In honoring an ancient tradition that the bride’s feet shouldn’t touch the ground during the journey from home to the ceremony, a Chinese couple got married in mid-air in two tractor digger buckets.

Fat women have more sex

Zee News 01.11.2008
Fat women have more sex

If you think overweight women have less sex than skinny types, think again, for a new study has suggested that it's the other way round.

Lonely hearts seek Western men

Bangkok - "My ideal match would be a well-balanced Western man with maturity and wisdom," writes 37-year-old Nok in a personal ad featured on the dating website "You must be relaxed and financially stable."

Foreign husbands good providers in Thailand, survey says

Bangkok - Foreign husbands of women from Thailand's Buriram province are pumping 230 million baht (6.7 million dollars) into the local economy each year in remittances and spending, a recent survey of the income-generation of mixed marriages revea...

Hitched On Honeymoon

Sarah Fung 03.10.2008
Hitched On Honeymoon

A local wedding or an overseas ceremony? Sarah Fung weighs up the pros and cons.

Frock Horror 03.10.2008
Frock Horror

Everything you need to know about picking a wedding dress.

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