Chávez tackles housing crisis by urging poor to squat wealthy parts of Caracas

Hugo Chávez has sent out troops to take over farms and urged the poor to occupy "unused" land in wealthy areas of Caracas, prompting a wave of squats that is rattling Venezuela's middle class.

EU President Publishes Book of Poetry

Naomi The Huffingtonpost John Lundberg/ Naomi Har Yarok Greenberg 22.04.2010
Herman Van Rompuy

Herman Van Rompuy - Haiku Herman, as he's called in Europe, is known for composing the little poems when political meetings drag on too long and occasionally publishing them on his website


Elisha Porat 03.07.2009

Translated from Hebrew by Cindy Eisner *

It Is The Soldier

Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff 28.04.2009

I., an IDF veteran, sent it to me for the Israeli Memorial Day *