Doctors remove world's largest malignant tumour weighing FOUR STONE from woman, 54

Doctors have removed a tumour weighing nearly four stone from a woman in Argentina. It had been growing inside her body for 18 months.

Study links Chinese kidney problems to genes

Variants of a gene contribute to the high risk of kidney disease among diabetics of Chinese descent compared with Caucasians, a study said Wednesday.

Teens & Text Addiction

Stephanie Stahl CBS3 25.08.2010
Teens & Text Addiction

Teenagers are becoming addicted to texting, according to a new study. In fact experts are saying being hooked on texting can be like being addicted to drugs.

U.S. probes egg recall amid calls for tighter rules

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner on Monday said there may be more recalls of eggs in the salmonella outbreak and the agency did not yet know how the eggs and chickens were contaminated.

Necrotising Fasciitis Bacteria Devours Woman's Hand and Leg

A deadly flesh-eating bug caught a 68-year-old woman, an inhabitant of Hong Kong, while she was handling a fish on August 18 making her struggle for her life.

Giving up smoking gives sex lives a lift, study finds

Giving up smoking can dramatically improve flagging sex lives, according to a study conducted by a Hong Kong university.

Hepatitis E vaccine appears effective in China trial

An experimental vaccine appears to be safe and effective in protecting people against hepatitis E infection, a trial in China has found.

WHO calls for monitoring of new superbug

The World Health Organisation on Friday called on health authorities around the globe to monitor a multi-drug resistant superbug that surfaced in South Asia and spread to Britain.

Cocaine should be legal, says top UK doctor

James Kirkup Telegraph 18.08.2010
Cocaine should be legal, says top UK doctor

The use of drugs should be decriminalised, one of Britain’s most senior doctors has said.

Babies with breasts shock China

Kent Ewing Asia Times 16.08.2010
Babies with breasts shock China

Once again, China's most vulnerable citizens - its babies - are the central figures in a food-safety scandal. Two years ago, milk powder tainted with the industrial chemical melamine killed six infants and left 300,000 more suffering from kidney s...

Peru battles rabid vampire bats after 500 people bitten

Peru's health ministry has sent emergency teams to a remote Amazon region to battle an outbreak of rabies spread by vampire bats.

US FDA approves ella as 5-day-after emergency contraceptive

Rob Stein The Washington Post 14.08.2010
US FDA approves ella as 5-day-after emergency contraceptive

The Food and Drug Administration approved a controversial new form of emergency contraception Friday that can prevent a pregnancy as many as five days after sex.

Scientists find new superbug spreading from India

Kate Kelland and Ben Hirschler Reuters 13.08.2010
Scientists find new superbug spreading from India

A new superbug from India could spread around the world -- in part because of medical tourism -- and scientists say there are almost no drugs to treat it.

Growing up too soon? Puberty strikes 7-year-old girls

The changes in Kiera’s body scared her parents. Though the 8-year-old seemed her usual chipper self, she’d started to develop headaches and acne. More alarming to her mom, Sharon, were the budding breasts on Kiera’s thin little chest. “I thought, ...

Smoking in the car is child abuse, British GP warns

Parents who smoke in cars in front of small children are "committing a form of child abuse", a leading GP has said.

Russian man dies in searing heat at sauna contest

JARI TANNER and MALIN RISING Yahoo! News 09.08.2010
Russian man dies in searing heat at sauna contest

A Russian man trying to win the Sauna World Championships died after collapsing with severe burns in the final stage of an event that required contestants to sit in a 230-degree (110 Celsius) room as water was tossed onto a searing stove, official...

Frustrated Swedish man sews up his own leg after long emergency room wait

A 32-year-old took the needle into his hands when he tired of the wait at Sundsvall hospital in northern Sweden and sewed up the cut in his leg himself. The man was later reported to the police for his impromptu handiwork.

Hong Kong public urged not to consume some 19 ready-to-eat meat products

The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) today (August 2) advised the public not to eat 19 ready-to-eat cooked meat products which may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria. The manufacturer is G. Brandt Meat Packers Ltd of Canada.

Gel that can help decayed teeth grow back could end fillings

A gel that can help decayed teeth grow back in just weeks may mean an end to fillings. The gel, which is being developed by scientists in France, works by prompting cells in teeth to start multiplying. They then form healthy new tooth tissue that ...

Hospital Mix-Up: Family Learns 'Dead' Daughter Is Still Alive -- One Week After Crash

In a case of mistaken identity, two Arizona families were shocked as they found out the truth about two young women involved in a tragic car accident.

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