Probable carcinogen hexavalent chromium found in drinking water of 31 U.S. cities

An environmental group that analyzed the drinking water in 35 cities across the United States, including Bethesda and Washington, found that most contained hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen that was made famous by the film "Erin Brockovich."

Doctors Claim HIV-Positive Man Cured by Stem Cell Transplant

There’s an estimated 33 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS, and now doctors believe one of them may have been cured of the virus after receiving a stem cell transplant in 2007, the medical journal Blood reported.

‘People call me possessed’: Boy who weeps BLOOD baffles doctors

These are the shocking new pictures of the boy who weeps blood. Calvino Inman, 17, has been suffering from the mysterious condition for two years and doctors remain clueless as to how to stem the flow of bleeding, which can last up to an hour at a...

'Diet or die,' world’s fattest woman is warned after hitting FIFTY STONE

A woman believed to be the world's fattest at 50 stone (700lbs) is facing a battle to shed weight after being told by doctors she could die.

Man finds extreme healing eating parasitic worms

One day in 2004, a 29-year-old man with a terrible stomach problem stepped off a plane from the United States in Thailand. He wasn't there for the sights, or the food, or the beaches. He had traveled thousands of miles for worms -- parasitic worms...

Organ Donation Wagons To Make House Calls In NYC

It might sound a little disturbing to some people but a new pilot program will attempt to recover kidneys from people who die at home in Manhattan.

Got milk? You may need a couple cups more than today's food labels say to get enough vitamin D for strong bones. But don't go overboard: Long-awaited new dietary guidelines say there's no proof that megadoses prevent cancer or other ailments — sur...

An Australian company will sell the world's first armpit testosterone lotion in American stores next year after receiving approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, reported Friday.

Spread of HIV in Eastern Europe is scary, says UN AIDS chief

VERONIKA OLEKSYN The Washington Post 25.11.2010

A near tripling of new HIV infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia over the past nine years is frightening, the U.N.'s top AIDS official said Wednesday.

Daily HIV pill use yields strong results; Can reduce risk of getting virus by 73%

Men who faithfully take a daily pill that contains drugs to treat HIV can reduce their risk of catching the deadly virus by up to 73 percent, the National Institutes of Health said in a study released Tuesday.

Half of Americans Facing Diabetes by 2020: Report

More than half of Americans will have diabetes or be prediabetic by 2020 at a cost to the U.S. health care system of $3.35 trillion if current trends go on unabated, according to analysis of a new report released on Tuesday by health insurer Unite...

Treatment zaps high blood pressure at the source

Julie Steenhuysen Yahoo! News 18.11.2010
Treatment zaps high blood pressure at the source

A device that destroys nerves leading to the kidney safely lowered blood pressure in people with treatment-resistant hypertension, potentially offering a new option for millions of people who struggle to keep their disease in check, researchers sa...

US FDA Set to Move on Caffeine in Alcoholic Drinks

DAVID KESMODEL The Wall Street Journal 16.11.2010
US FDA Set to Move on Caffeine in Alcoholic Drinks

U.S. regulators are poised to ban the sale of caffeine-containing alcoholic drinks amid rising safety concerns, in a blow to several small but fast-growing drinks companies.

Cholera Spreading in Haitian Capital

Brian Wagner VOA News 10.11.2010
Cholera Spreading in Haitian Capital

Haitian officials say a cholera epidemic is spreading into Port-au-Prince, where health workers confirmed the first case of a person contracting the illness in the capital. Experts fear a recent hurricane may have helped spread the disease, which ...

Nutrition professor eats only Twinkies, Oreos, Doritos - and loses 27 lbs!

Twinkies. Nutty bars. Powdered donuts. For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one of these sugary cakelets every three hours, instead of meals. To add variety in his steady stream of Hostess and Lit...

Elderly woman near death after being stung by thousands of wasps

At Foshee Jewelers, owner Clyde Foshee, 77, works on a watch to keep his mind off his wife who is in a coma at the hospital. On Saturday, Juanita Foshee, 81, was outside their home when she stumbled upon an underground wasp nest in an overgrown ar...

Obesity rates will reach 42 percent: US study

Julie Steenhuysen Reuters 04.11.2010
Obesity rates will reach 42 percent: US study

Americans will keep growing fatter until 42 percent of the nation is considered obese, and having fat friends is part of the problem, researchers said on Thursday.

A cure for the common cold may finally be achieved as a result of a remarkable discovery in a Cambridge laboratory

In a dramatic breakthrough that could affect millions of lives, scientists have been able to show for the first time that the body's immune defences can destroy the common cold virus after it has actually invaded the inner sanctum of a human cell,...

Study: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine

MARIA CHENG The Washington Post 01.11.2010
Study: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine

Alcohol is more dangerous than illegal drugs like heroin and crack cocaine, according to a new study.

Man Dies Of Caffeine Overdose

My FOX DC 30.10.2010
Man Dies Of Caffeine Overdose

A British man died after poisoning himself with two spoonfuls of caffeine powder bought over the internet, local media reported Friday.

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