Two patients critically ill with swine flu in Hong Kong

Two more patients were critically ill with swine flu in Hong Kong, health officials said Friday as the virus continued to spread in the densely-populated city.

One in eight women will get breast cancer as lifestyle blamed for huge rise in cases

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and the rate is rising, alarming figures show.Scientists blame obesity, alcohol and the growing tendency to delay motherhood for record levels of the disease.

Study finds way to predict when cancer will spread

Researchers have found a compound that tumors make when they are likely to spread, and said they hope to use to it predict which patients are most at risk of dying from their cancers.

Hong Kong detects drug-resistant A/H1N1 flu virus

Hong Kong's Department of Health's Public Health Laboratory Services Branch (PHLSB) Monday announced that a strain of A/H1N1 influenza virus which is resistant to anti-virus drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) was detected.

Case of young man tied to wall sparks national debate in Netherlands

A Dutch documentary about a mentally ill and potentially dangerous 18-year-old has prompted lawmakers in the Netherlands -- amid national outrage -- to re-examine the treatment of those in psychiatric care.

Suicide Tourists Make Swiss Minister Uneasy as Terminally Ill Seek Escape

Switzerland is the destination of choice for people from abroad who want to die. The office of the country’s top legal official is pushing to change that.

Swiss drug manufacturer recalls typhoid vaccine in Hong Kong

Swiss drug manufacturer Amedis Company was recalling in Hong Kong a batch of oral typhoid fever vaccine, Vivotif Enteric Coated Cap, which may lack potency, the city's government said Wednesday in a statement.

Study suggests possible new treatment for severe 2009 H1N1 infection

Convalescent plasma therapy—using plasma from patients who have recovered from an infection to treat those with the same infection—has been used to treat multiple diseases. However, the efficacy of this treatment in patients with severe 2009 H1N1 ...

Nurse loses license for 20 years over sex with hospice patient

A hospice nurse has been barred from her profession for 20 years after admitting to a sexual relationship with her married terminally ill patient.

'Rebooting' brain could ease ringing in ears

Scientists have found a way to ease chronic ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus, by stimulating a neck nerve and playing sounds to reboot the brain, according to research published Wednesday.

Down syndrome blood test could cut invasive testing

A blood test being developed to screen for Down syndrome could practically eliminate the need for more invasive testing procedures, such as amniocentesis, a new study suggests.

Boston modifies ambulance for obese patients up to 850 lbs

Stephen Smith The Boston Globe 11.01.2011
Boston modifies ambulance for obese patients up to 850 lbs

In a super-sized world, it was perhaps inevitable: Boston’s Emergency Medical Services this month will begin deploying an ambulance equipped with a hydraulic lift to ease transport of the heaviest patients.

Watching television 'damages the heart'

Watching too much television or playing computer games damages your heart regardless of how much exercise you do, scientists have warned.

Fattest man is suing health services for ‘letting me grow’

MAN mountain Paul Mason plans to SUE the NHS - claiming they ignored his plight as he rocketed towards 70 stone.

South Korea reports first bird flu outbreak since 2008

South Korea on Friday confirmed its first outbreak of bird flu for more than two years, with more than 100,000 birds slaughtered as authorities bid to contain the lethal virus.

Man's penis amputated following misdiagnosis

A Swedish man was forced to have his penis amputated after waiting more than a year to learn he had cancer.

New method for testing foetus genes could end miscarriage risks

Hazel Parry Monsters and 26.12.2010
New method for testing foetus genes could end miscarriage risks

For decades doctors and pregnant women have relied on amniocentesis - taking a sample of DNA from the amniotic fluid - to diagnose certain disorders in unborn babies, despite the risk of triggering a miscarriage.

Vaccine to prevent anal cancer approved in US

The Gardasil vaccine has received the regulatory green light in the U.S. to prevent anal cancer. Merck & Co. and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the approval for people aged nine to 26.

Face transplant patient meets donor's family

Diane Suchetka, The Plain Dealer 21.12.2010
Face transplant patient meets donor's family

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- They were a perfect match. Anna Kasper, who took care of nursing home patients, delivered pizza and cleaned offices, had a down-to-earth goodness, a love of life, a spirit of giving. Connie Culp, who waited tables and painted res...

Scientists find gene clue to 130 brain diseases

Scientists on Sunday said they had discovered a bouquet of proteins that play a critical role in the development of more than 130 brain diseases.

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