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Woman says her fake penis got her fired

DANA DiFILIPPO Philadelphia Daily News 14.01.2012
Woman says her fake penis got her fired

IS THAT a Fruit-A-Freeze in your pocket - or are you just happy to see me? A northeastern Pennsylvania woman is suing a South Jersey-based maker of frozen treats and other snack foods, claiming that she was wrongfully fired because she wore a pros...

NYC lawsuit: Diamond stolen in bold ‘07 London heist made its way to Hong Kong pawn shop

A big diamond snatched by Bentley-driving bandits in a brazen, $20 million London robbery has popped up in a Hong Kong pawn shop, says a jeweler who’s suing in New York to try to get it back.

Ohio woman loses appeal on "White Only" pool sign

A Cincinnati landlord found to have violated state anti-discrimination laws after she hung a "white only" sign outside her swimming pool lost an appeal with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission on Thursday.

10-year-old boy crashes father's $200000 Maserati in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police briefly detained a 10-year-old American boy who took his father's Maserati GranTurismo coupe out for a spin.

Woman Seeking Crack Cocaine Calls Police After Drug Dealer Sells Her Sugar Instead

Really, how many times do we have to say this? If your drug dealer shorts you, steals your money, or provides a substance other than the illegal one sought, do not call 911.

38,000 Farmers, Ranchers Sue Former New Jersey Governor Corzine Over Missing Millions

Montana farmers have filed a class action suit against former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine, charging that the failed financial firm run by Corzine stole millions from their accounts to pay off its spiraling debts, and that Corzine's "single-min...

Hong Kong smugglers send millions of dollars of tobacco in mail

Smuggled tobacco worth about 3.5 million dollars destined for Britain by airmail was seized over the year-end holiday period, Hong Kong customs officers said Tuesday.

Picasso, Mondrian Paintings Stolen in Greece

The Wall Street Journal 10.01.2012
Picasso, Mondrian Paintings Stolen in Greece

Thieves carried out a well-organized, pre-dawn heist at Greece's biggest state art museum on Monday, taking two oil paintings by 20th century masters Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian, police said.

Cops: Karaoke Singer Assaulted Bar Patrons After Getting Booed Off Stage

A karaoke singer whose performance was met by a cascade of boos at an Ohio bar allegedly punched three people in the face after he was asked to leave the watering hole Tuesday night, police report.

Woman calls in bomb threat at LAX over fight with husband

A Lynwood woman is facing federal terrorism charges after she made a false bomb threat to delay her husband’s flight out of Los Angeles International Airport.

Madman sets woman on fire in NYC elevator

Madman sets woman on fire in NYC elevator

Cops today busted the madman who allegedly burned an elderly Prospect Heights woman to death inside a Brooklyn elevator -- after he showed up at a police precinct reeking of gasoline.

Key witness excused from testifying in U.S. leaks case

A key witness was excused from testifying in the case against Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning on Sunday after he invoked his right against self-incrimination at a hearing about the largest leak of classified documents in U.S. history.

Jacques Chirac found guilty of corruption

The former French president Jacques Chirac has been handed a two-year suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of embezzling public funds to illegally finance the conservative party he led.

Man awarded $10m for SEGWAY accident while blindfolded

A Bridgeport jury has awarded $10 million to a 23-year-old man who suffered a brain injury in a Segway accident.

Pair of Robbers Want Only iPhones, No BlackBerries

A pair of would-be robbers targeting Columbia students in upper Manhattan seem to be rather picky as they prowl.

Cops: Homeless Man Used Stolen Credit Card To Pay For Pedicure

Volusia County authorities say a homeless man used a stolen credit card to get himself a pedicure.

Police Officer Tasers 14-Year-Old Girl

David Chang NBC Philadelphia 15.12.2011
Police Officer Tasers 14-Year-Old Girl

An edited surveillance video of a police officer firing a Taser at a 14-year-old girl was released as part of evidence for a federal lawsuit filed against the officer and the city of Allentown.

Survey: More US teens using synthetic drugs

Donna Leinwand Leger USA Today 15.12.2011
Survey: More US teens using synthetic drugs

Nearly one in nine high school seniors have gotten high in the past year on synthetic drugs, such as "K2" or "Spice," second only to the number of teens who have used marijuana, a new survey shows.

Deutsche Bank CEO Target of Suspected Letter Bomb

The New York Police Department alerted Wall Street after confirmation that a letter bomb was sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Federal judge: 'Blogger' is not a 'journalist'

A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that a Montana woman sued for defamation was not a journalist when she posted online that an Oregon lawyer acted criminally during a bankruptcy case, a decision with implications for bloggers around the country.

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