Human Rights


Амнон Видан,Въпросите зададе Хени Берлер 04.05.2008

Господин Видан кои са проблемите, с които ``Амнести интернешънъл`` се занимава по света и специално в Близкия изток? - В Израел повече от 40 години съществува представителство на ``Амнести интернешънъл`` .В началото това бе група от добро...

Fighting human trafficking

Fumiko Yarita Bothell Reporter 04.05.2008

Students flock to Bothell event Bothell High played host to 200 students from 20 different schools during an April 22 forum aimed at confronting human trafficking. The event was part of the Inter-High Exchange Program, which uses joint activ...

Seattle's May Day March

Times Staff Seattle Times 02.05.2008

Sergio Salazar, 17 months, turns his attention to the flag carried by Catarino Perez Thursday at Judkins Park before the start of the May Day March. Thousands of demonstrators were expected to participate in the four-mile march through downtown Se...

Amnesty's Unsubscribe Me video reenacts CIA waterboarding torture

Oscar sez, "Amnesty International waterboarding ad, where they actually filmed someone really getting waterboarded. The ad will play in movie theaters starting on May 12th. This is part of their 'Unsubscribe Me' campaign. They had released another...

Guantánamo drives prisoners insane, lawyers say

William Glaberson International Herald Tribune 27.04.2008
Image: attendingtheworld

Next month, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a Yemeni who was once a driver for Osama bin Laden, could become the first detainee to be tried for war crimes in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. By now, he should be busily working on his defense. But his lawyers say he cann...

China will execute 374 people during Olympics

Allegra Stratton The Guardian 16.04.2008
Chinese police display a group of prisoners at a sentencing rally in the east Chinese city of Wenzhou. Eleven prisoners were later executed. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

An estimated 374 people will be executed in China during this summer's Olympic games in Beijing, Amnesty International has claimed. A new league table of the world's most frequent executioners showed China officially used capital punishment 470 ti...

Survivor recalls horrors of Cambodia genocide

Christiane Amanpour CNN 09.04.2008
This painting depicts one of the Pol Pot regime's most heinous crimes: the slaughter of infants.

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia -- (...) Half a world away, the divisive debate over whether waterboarding constitutes torture comes into sharp relief at the infamous S-21, Tuol Sleng Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is where the genocidal regime of Pol ...

England to deport gay Iranian to be hung

Robert Verkaik The Independent 08.03.2008
England to deport gay Iranian to be hung

Mehdi Kazemi is a gay teenager from Iran. He sought sanctuary in Britain after his boyfriend was hanged for homosexuality. So why is Britain so determined to send him back to Tehran – to almost certain execution?

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib [Documentary]

The familiar and disturbing pictures of torture at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison raise many troubling questions: How did torture become an accepted practice at Abu Ghraib? Did U.S. government policies make it possible? How much damage has the aftermath...

Disturbing New Photos From Abu Ghraib

NSFW: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. As an expert witness in the defense of an Abu Ghraib guard who was court-martialed, psychologist Philip Zimbardo had access to many of the images of abuse that were taken by the guards themselves. For a presenta...

Kassam City

אביתר בן -צדף 23.02.2008
Proposed Road Sign for Sderoth

A very creative graphic response by HaNegev College students to the constant shelling of Sderoth, their town, by Kassam rockets* The presentation's theme was "Color Red" -- the emergency call for another forthcoming rocket *

Cohen v Levy

Eliezer Cohen (Cheetah) 21.02.2008
Cohen v Levy

Colonel Eliezer Cohen, Israeli Air Force (Ret.) aka Cheetah, an ex member of the Knesseth, responses to Ha'aretz's columnist Gideon Levy's recent article in favor of the so-called suffering Palestinians * I am glad to host Col Cohen on my blog * C...

Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

KATARINA KRATOVAC My Way News 17.02.2008
Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests

CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian police have stepped up arrests of persons suspected of having HIV, detaining four men this month in a crackdown that violates basic human rights, two international rights groups said Friday. New York-based Human Rights Watc...

Fouad Al-Farhan

Fouad’s arrest was directly linked to his blogging activities. He may remain in custody for a one-month investigation period. After that his family will be allowed to visit him and be informed about his case and the possible charges that might be ...

The use of the death penalty is declining in the US

Lawmakers in the US state of New Jersey have approved a bill abolishing the death penalty. In a 44-36 vote, the Democrat-run state assembly replaced the death sentence with life in prison without parole.

From today in USA - less civil servants with blood on their hands

New Jersey has voted to scrap the death penalty, making it the first American state in four decades to ban executions. Less criminals as udges in USA means: better USA, and better world.

Amnesty's Unsubscribe Me video reenacts CIA stress-position torture

Amnesty International have just released a truly powerful film to coincide with the official launch of the unsubscribe campaign. Waiting For The Guards is the first of 3 films commissioned by Amnesty to highlight the enhanced interrogation techniq...

UN committee approves death penalty moratorium draft

UNITED NATIONS: A U.N. General Assembly committee passed a draft resolution calling for an end to the death penalty, an effort critics complained marked an attempt to interfere with the sovereignty of U.N. member states.

Asean Needs Human Rights Enforcement Arm, Rights Group Says

The Association of Southeast Asian Nation's new legal charter needs an independent enforcement mechanism for human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch said, adding that the group's reaction to Myanmar's pro-democracy crackdown will be a test of the ...

Freedom, a negation of civil rights, bribe, sex and the Nigerian

Below real story absolutely, even the names are real (Tal requested to write his full name, but I did not agree on account of my desire to guard at least partially on his name ).

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