Why the kung-fu monks are losing their religion

Clifford Coonan The Independent 13.09.2011
Why the kung-fu monks are losing their religion

The Buddhists of Shaolin gave the world its most deadly martial art. But now their gift has become a curse, writes Clifford Coonan

Storm lashes pope, pilgrims at youth festival

A violent storm lashed Pope Benedict XVI and around one million pilgrims at an open-air service in Madrid, forcing him to cut short his speech and drenching the faithful who had waited for hours in blistering heat.

Pope denounces 'disintegration' of Europe families

Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up his visit to Croatia on Sunday by denouncing the "disintegration" of family life in Europe and calling for couples to make a commitment to marry and have children, not just live together.

Muslim Group Offends Some Christians With Jesus Advertisements

“Jesus: A prophet of Islam” states the provocative tagline in a “public awareness” advertising campaign launched by a Muslim group in Australia’s largest city.

Hong Kong Has World's Second-Highest Shop Rents on Chinese Shopper Influx

Hong Kong overtook Sydney as the world’s second-most expensive city to lease shopping space after rents in the Chinese city surged 46 percent in the first quarter from the previous three months, according to CB Richard Ellis Group Inc. (CBG)

Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

TOBY STERLING My Way News 23.05.2011
Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

The Dutch Catholic Church and the Salesian order are investigating revelations that a Salesian priest served on the board of a group that promotes pedophilia with the full knowledge of his boss.

Pope beatifies John Paul II before 1.5M faithful

NICOLE WINFIELD and VANESSA GERA Yahoo! News 02.05.2011
Pope beatifies John Paul II before 1.5M faithful

Some 1.5 million pilgrims flooded Rome Sunday to watch Pope John Paul II move a step closer to sainthood in one of the largest Vatican Masses in history, an outpouring of adoration for a beloved and historic figure after years marred by church sca...

Pope John Paul II's body exhumed ahead of beatification

Pope John Paul II's coffin was exhumed on Friday ahead of his beatification as tens of thousands of people began arriving in Rome for one of the biggest events since his funeral in 2005.

"Technology can't replace God": Pope

Philip Pullella Reuters 18.04.2011
"Technology can't replace God": Pope

Pope Benedict led Roman Catholics into Holy Week celebrations, telling a Palm Sunday crowd that man will pay the price for his pride if he believes technology can give him the powers of God.

China ordains new Vatican-approved Catholic bishop

China has ordained a new Catholic bishop approved by the Vatican for the first time since ties between the sides soured last year, according to church figures with knowledge of the events.

Surge in Satanism sparks rise in demand for exorcists, says Catholic Church

A surge in Satanism fuelled by the internet has led to a sharp rise in the demand for exorcists, the Roman Catholic Church has warned.

Iranian Video Says Islamic messiah is 'Near'

Erick Stakelbeck CBN 29.03.2011
Iranian Video Says Islamic messiah is 'Near'

New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi--or Islamic messiah--is about to appear.

Chinese bible revised after 90 years

Malcolm Moore Telegraph 24.12.2010
Chinese bible revised after 90 years

China's 70 million Protestant Christians are to get a new bible for Christmas, in the first revision of the Chinese Union Version bible since it was introduced by missionaries in 1919.

Pope's Comments Set Off Firestorm; Vatican Rushes to Clarify Comments

The Vatican on Sunday rushed to clarify a recent interview by Pope Benedict XVI, in which the pontiff states for the first time that there may be some cases in which the Roman Catholic Church's ban on condoms isn't absolute.

Greek Church takes on 'antichrist' in ID card

Senior clerics in Greece have told the state in no uncertain terms that vigilance is required to prevent the antichrist from making a manifestation on new ID cards to be issued next year.

Dawn breaks on millions of Muslims as the annual Hajj pilgrimage draws to a close... and Eid festival begins

In scenes that haven't changed for more than a thousand years, nearly three million Muslims began congregating for the annual hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia today.At dawn, they started to making their way up the rocky desert path to Mountain of M...

Pope condemns violence 'in the name of God'

Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday condemned violence carried out "in the name of God" and called for the respect of religious freedoms in the Muslim world.

Gays in Spain stage "kiss-in" as pope drives by

About 200 people have staged a gay "kiss-in" as Pope Benedict XVI drove by to protest his visit to Spain and his policies on homosexuality, condom use and other issues.

'Jesus was HIV-positive': South African pastor sparks outrage with bizarre claim

A South African pastor has provoked outrage after beginning a recent sermon with the claim that Jesus Christ was HIV-positive.

Baseball hat Benedict: Pope sports a very casual cap

It is not the sort of get-up you'd expect the Pope to sport. But Pope Benedict XVI broke with tradition by wearing a baseball cap as he went for a stroll around his summer residence on Sunday.

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