Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing will attend the 2nd World Buddhist Forum in Wuxi and Taipei in his capacity as the head delegate of Hong Kong and Macau Buddhism from March 26 to April 2.

Discover the path to Moksha

Kishore Asthana TOI 28.05.2008
Discover the path to Moksha

It is not easy The consequence is not the cause, nor is the destination, the path. The state of a disciple’s mind at the beginning of the spiritual path is different from how things are when one is inside the door, or even close to it.

Buddha statue in Afghanistan undamaged by blast

KABUL - A CONTROLLED explosion of old ordnance found near remains of the famed Bamiyan Buddha statues did not cause damage to the 1,500-year old ruins, the United Nations said.